Part 23: Ruid

Main Walkthrough

Setting off in pursuit of the Grindery, the party quickly catch up to the lumberng behemoth - only to discover that the airship can't penetrate its magical barrier. Mia urges the party on to Vane, which may have the power to stop the Grindery before it can do the unimaginable.

Once you regain control of Alex you'll be in Vane, and your job will be to go fetch Nash. Before you do, head to the east wing of the Magic Guild. This room is a classroom, and there will only be an instructor and a student left behind. Speak to the student and you'll receive Mia's Bromide 2. You'll never get another chance to snag this item, so don't forget it.

Head to the Transmission Spring and you'll find Nash. Speak to him and he'll join Alex. This is your final chance to look around Vane, so speak to the remaining people for new dialogue - even the sole remaining guy in the Cave of Trial has new dialogue, though it is absolutely not worth your time to walk through the whole dungeon to speak to him - then head back to the Magic Guild.

You'll find the rest of the group in the northwest of the guild. Speak to Mia to get the ball rolling. What follows is one of the game's more epic cut scenes, and when it is done the team will be trapped in a fancy room. You'll need to use the Dragon Wings to exit. Any location will do. You can't return to Vane at this point, alas, so hopefully you finished everything that needed doing there.

At this point in Lunar: Silver Star Story you're facing a pair of lengthy, difficult dungeons, and they'll come at you back-to-back. The world is open to you again for the moment, though this is also your final opportunity to explore the many towns and dungeons of Lunar. Once you visit the Grindery - which has screeched to a halt near the Goddess Tower - you'll never get another chance to look around the world. 

The remainder of this guide will lead you to the remaining side content of Lunar: Silver Star Story. You'll be missing out on some good stuff if you don't do this now.

Gale Ring

Zip to Reza and visit the pub. If you make your way back towards the Thieves' Bazaar you'll discover that Lily, the little girl whom Royce abducted earlier in the game, has been returned home unharmed. If you exhausted Lily's dialogue when you first met her she'll give you a Gale Ring. This accessory grants its wearer an additional attack per turn. Very handy.

Ghaleon's Tear

Jump to Lann. Assuming you spoke to the mayor of Lann previously and agreed to his proposal to make Alex an honorary member of the town, he'll give you Ghaleon's Tear. When Ghaleon's Tear is equipped a character's normal attack will extend to all enemies - though they will only attack once, as opposed to using all of their attacks. This is an okay item for Nash, who only has one attack for most of the game anyway.

Hell Ring

Return to Damon's Spire (Iluk is the closest teleport point), climb the spire, and speak to Damon a few times. He'll give the party a Hell Ring. This amazing accessory halves MP consumption for its bearer. It's a good piece of equipment for any character, though the best candidates are Alex (who has very expensive dragon abilities), Kyle (who doesn't have much MP), or Jessica (who runs through MP faster than just about anyone in the party). Nash and Mia can get by without the Hell Ring.


As ever, word spreads very quickly, and the people of the world all have something to say about the coming of the Grindery. This is your last chance to let everyone weigh in on your adventure, so if you enjoy flavor text you should revisit all of the available areas and see what people have to say. You can even find Lemia and a few of the people of Vane on Black Rose Street in Meribia, if you wanted to know how they're taking things. 

In addition to all of the above, you should make sure your party is loaded down with restorative items before you head to the Grindery. It is one of the longest dungeons in the game, and unless your party is way overleveled (approaching level 50) you'll expend a lot of MP chugging your way through the steel behemoth. A fistful of Star Lights is more or less mandatory.

That's all for the world. Teleport to Meribia once you're stocked up and ready to go, then trek down to the Goddess Tower. The Grindery is waiting near the Transmission Spring. Approach the Grindery and you'll be locked in, so make absolutely sure that you're ready to push the game forward. 

Part 25: The Grindery

Main Walkthrough