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Lunar: Silver Star Story prides itself on its character designs, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its Bromides. Each is a photo of one of the game's ladies - some a little on the risque side - and you'll spend the entirety of a playthrough picking them up. The Bromides are some of Lunar's most specific items, and if you don't go looking for one at just the right time you'll miss it.

This guide will help you pick up all thirteen Bromides in Lunar: Silver Star Story. They become available for brief periods throughout the game, and you need to go for them at just the right time. Keep this list open and refer back to it often to make sure you haven't missed anything.

#1: Jessica's / Mia's Bromide 3

Before you acquire any Bromides you can set the stage for getting two of them at the beginning of the game. Visit the Weapons Shop in Burg during the excursion to the White Dragon Cave, once you have Ramus in the party. Roaming the second floor is a man Ramus conned. The man will demand his 30 silver back, and if you pay him you'll unlock two Bromides during Lunar's epilogue. Speak to Ramus in his shop and he'll have both Bromides.

#2: Mia's Bromide 1

The easiest Bromide to acquire, Mia's Bromide 1 is equipped on Nash as an accessory when he joins the party. You can remove it from him at any time.

#3: Phacia's Bromide

During your first visit to Vane you'll need to enter Althena's Shrine, at the base of the Goddess Tower. This will be your first meeting with Phacia. Speak to Phacia's attendant, on her right, after speaking to Phacia. Come back to this woman later, once you've completed the events of Vane's Crystal Tower, to receive the Bromide.

#4: Jessica's Bromide 4

During your first visit to Lann you'll need to speak to a sailor to reach Lann Island. If you return to Lann before completing Lann Island - this part is crucial, as Jessica leaves after you're done at the island - and keep speaking to this guy he'll develop a crush on Jessica. Revisit the sailor much later, after Nash sabotages the airship in Myght's Tower but before departing for the Frontier, and he'll hand over Jessica's Bromide 4.

#5: Luna's Bromide 2

If you inspect the bookshelves in the basement of Alex's house you'll find his old drawings of Luna. Check them again after Luna is abducted, but before heading to Meribia to recruit Jessica, and you'll find this Bromide.

#6: Royce's Bromide

There's a weirdo magician - blonde, with blue robes - wandering around on Black Rose Street in Meribia, and he has a thing for Royce. He'll take shelter in her fortune telling shop during the attack on Meribia, and if you visit him after Mel is turned to stone, but before you head to Vane and recruit Mia and Nash, the guy will give you this Bromide.

#7: Jessica's Bromide 2

When you first recruit Kyle he will drive off some of Xenobia's hench-monsters in the Nanza Barrier. Once he's done fighting you'll need to speak to Kyle to add him to the party. Ignore him and go downstairs, to the fort's lowest floor. Check Kyle's bed - his bedroom is in the northeast of the lowest floor - and you'll find this Bromide. If you speak to Kyle first you can't get the Bromide.

#8: Jessica's Bromide 1

In the northern room of Althena's Shrine is a blue-haired girl who thinks she is Jessica's sister, and keeps insisting as much whenever you speak to her. Bring Jessica to the girl once Kyle joins the party and keep talking to her until she coughs up the Bromide. She will disappear from the shrine once you return from the Frontier, so find time to visit her before leaving.

#9: Mia's Bromide 4

If you visit the northeastern house in Iluk you'll find a man who is obsessed with women, and Mia in particular. His dialogue will keep changing after major events, and if you check in with him after Nash leaves the party at Myght's Tower - but before you leave for the Frontier - Mia will confiscate this Bromide from him.

#10: Xenobia's Bromide

While traveling through the Talon Mine there will be a rockslide, and a miner will become trapped. Choose to save him, then carry on with the dungeon. Return to this area once you've completed Ruid and speak to the purple miner in the bottom-left corner of the room several times to receive the Bromide. You'll lose access to the Frontier once you get back in the airship, so make sure you pay this place another visit once the Grindery rolls away.

#11: Mia's Bromide 2

Late in the game the party will work to evacuate Vane, and Alex will need to go looking for Nash in the south of the city. Visit the eastern classroom in the Magic Academy and you'll find only the teacher and a student still in attendance. Speak to the student and he'll hand over this Bromide. You must get this item before looking for Nash.

#12: Luna's Bromide 1

Complete the game, then speak to Ramus in Meribia. He'll give you this Bromide. (If you paid off Ramus's debt you'll also receive Jessica's Bromide 3 and Mia's Bromide 3 from Ramus during this same conversiaon.)

That's all of 'em. Enjoy. (And don't worry too much if you missed any. All of the Bromides are easy to find online, thanks to the modern miracle of the internet.)

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