Part 4: Saith and Old Hag's Forest

Main Walkthrough

After a memorable boat ride the party has arrived in Meribia, one of the largest cities on Lunar. When you debark Nash will promptly part ways with the rest of the team, and Ramus will run off to try and sell the Dragon Diamond. This leaves Alex, Luna, and Nall alone to explore the city.

For the most part Meribia is all about chatting with people and learning more about the region. There are a few things you should make note of, however:

  • If you check out the Seagull Tavern, which is a warehouse-looking establishment by the docks, you'll find a singer up on the stage. She'll sing a little song for you. (Luna's better.)
  • There's a Weapons Shop in the center of Meribia. There's an item here for Nash that will be useful some day, but otherwise you've probably bought all this stuff already. Across the street is an Item Shop, and you may want to consider buying Alex a few Healing Nuts in preparation for an upcoming boss battle.
  • In the northwest of Meribia you'll find a better Weapons Shop. If you have the cash you should at the very least buy Alex a Broad Sword. You'll also want to come back here before dipping into the next dungeon, which isn't too far away.
  • On the west side of Meribia you'll find the shop of Dross, an infamous merchant, and Ramus is trying to haggle with the man over the Dragon Diamond. You'll have to come back here later. Next door to Dross's shop is an Armor Shop where you can pick up new equipment. Prioritize Alex if you want to stand a chance in an upcoming boss battle.
  • There's a row of three houses in the southwest of Meribia's main area. Check inside the central house and you'll find a locked, red chest. When you get it open - some day - you'll find 1,000 silver waiting inside.

In addition to all of the above you can find a place known as Black Rose Street on the west side of Meribia. This area is populated by magicians of all stripes. There are Item, Weapon, and Armor Shops here, and for the most part they cater to the needs of magic users. You won't find anything terribly special. At the far west end you'll find the home of Royce, a fortune teller, and she's busy chatting with Nash. She'll play an important role in the story later.

That's all for Meribia, with one exception: The home of Mel, one of the Four Heroes. You can't leave Meribia until Ramus has completed his business, so you might as well check in with Mel. His mansion is found in the north of Meribia, and you'll find Mel himself in his office, on the east side of the manor. He's quite welcoming - though when he hears that Alex wants to become the Dragonmaster...

Master Mel

This battle is quite straughtforward. Mel will run up and attack Alex, and... that's it, frankly. Use Vigor to boost Alex's attack strength, then slash Mel with Sword Dance. Use Healing Nuts every two or three attacks to keep Alex's health up. You don't have to win this fight - and you only get experience if you do win - so don't feel too pressured to beat Mel.

Mel will send you on your way after the fight, and if you chat with him some more he'll suggest visiting Ghaleon, another of the Four Heroes. Heal up at the statue of Althena in the northwest, then revisit Dross's shop and see how Ramus is doing. Dross is only willing to pay 20,000 silver for the Dragon Diamond, which is... less than Ramus wanted. You'll need to agree with the price to push the story forward. Dross will disappear into his storeroom...

... and when you regain control, follow him in. The con man has absconded with the Dragon Diamond. Bah! Despite what Dross's employee suggests Mel won't help you out with this fight, so you'll need to pursue Dross into his escape route. 

Meribian Sewers


  • Ammonia - 43 HP - Can hit the whole party - Resists Fire, Thunder
  • Evil Wisp - 56 HP - Melee opponent
  • Fatal Hopper - 45 HP - Melee opponent
  • Grog Snake - 38 HP - Can inflict Poison with their melee attack - Weak to Fire
Delightful. This area isn't too difficult, but the boss at the end will task your party if you aren't around level 14 or 15. Outfit everyone back in Meribia, killing the monsters in the dungeon to earn up money if you can't afford equipment for your whole party from the outset. Ramus rejoins the party for this area, but he won't be around for much longer, so don't worry too much about getting him up to speed.

Hit the wall switch to the right of the entrance to lower the bridge to the south, then follow the main path. Stay on the right as the path splits and continue south until you find another bridge to lower. The button is on your right. Head south along the bridge, then swing east on the other side. Check the wall just south of you and you'll find a semi-hidden room with a chest containing a Star Light.

Backtrack to the bridge and continue west, then south at your first opportunity. There's a chest on your right containing another Star Light ahead, and further south you'll find a series of thin passages stretching south through the water. Each of these pathways is guarded by a Fatal Hopper that is moving back and forth across the path. Starting in the west and working east, the pathways lead to the following:
  1. Dead end
  2. A button for a nearby bridge, a chest containing an Herb, and a second button
  3. Dead end
  4. Dead end
  5. Exit bridge
  6. Dead end
  7. Chest containing 250 silver
Although you can avoid the Fatal Hoppers, fighting these things is great way to grind experience and silver before the end of the dungeon. Alex's Explosion Staff can wipe them out rather quickly if you keep him stocked with MP, assuming they clump up for you (which they will). You can also use Luna's Temptation Song to put them to sleep.

Hit the two buttons down the second path, then head down the fifth path to advance. On the south end of the bridge you lowered you'll find a chest containing an Herb to the south, and down a blind northbound path to the east you'll find a chest containing 250 silver.

To the east is a doorway. Go through and head north to find a series of wall segments, patrolled by Ammonia. You can use the walls to keep away from them if you're trying to rush through the area without getting into battles. At the other end of this area is a thin bridge surrounded by enemies, and if you can fight your way across you'll find the path to the boss in the north. 

In the final section of the sewers you'll corner Dross. Before you approach him, check around the area to find chests containing two Antidotes and a Star Light. Heal your party if necessary, save up, and confront the thief. You'll won't be fighting him, alas...

Water Dragon

Well, that was unexpected. The Water Dragon is a fairly simple boss, though like the Saline Slime before it isn't necessarily easy. You may struggle a bit keeping up with its damage output unless everyone is outfitted with the best armor you've got, as well as reached level 13+ while exploring the sewers. The Water Dragon uses the following attacks:
  • A melee bite that may Poison its target
  • Fire Press, a strong Fire attack against a single target
For the most part Alex can't reach the Water Dragon with his normal attacks, so you'll need to buff up his Sword Dance and rely on it for most of your damage. Alex can use Vigor for this, and Luna can use Cascade Song. Beyond that, just pepper the Water Dragon with attacks and heal as needed. Luna and Ramus can provide some support if you gave them Battle Bows, but for the most part Alex carries this fight. (A trend that will persist for much of the early game.)

Dross will give up once you defeat his pet, and he'll fork over 500 silver - as well as the Dragon Diamond. Make the trip back to the store through the dungeon - everything you killed getting to the boss is still gone, so this isn't too bad - and Nash, who really would have come in handy during all that, will rejoin the party. This will also mark the official retirement of Ramus, who decides to remain in Meribia. (And that's fine. Level him all you want, but he'll never gain another stat point upon level-up.) Ramus will keep everything he has equipped, so you may want to strip him of his equipment before leaving the sewers.

Done with Meribia? Not quite. Head back to Mel's manor. If you check the east side of the main area you'll find that you can now access the bedrooms, as well as the training room where you fought Mel earlier. Check the southwest of the training area to find a path down into the Meribian Sewers. Fight your way past familiar enemies and you'll eventually make your way to chests you probably spotted before but couldn't reach. The two normal chests contain a Star Light and a Fortune Ring, while the locked red chest contains a Silver Light. Some day...

Now you're done with Meribia. Make your way back out of the sewers, heal up, and leave the city. Onward! To Vane!

Part 6: Cave of Trial and Vane

Main Walkthrough