Main Walkthrough

Lunar: Silver Star Story begins at the gravesite of Dyne, the last Dragonmaster and one of the world's greatest heroes. Here you'll be introduced to Alex, the game's main protagonist, as well as his winged cat companion Nall. Head south of the grave and they'll be joined by Ramus, who's ready to push Alex off on an adventure.

Continue south of here and you'll enter Burg, Alex's hometown. Before we explore this area we'd best go over some of the game's basics.


Lunar: Silver Star Story is a turn-based RPG, though all the combat takes place in the game's various dungeons. At the moment you're in a town, and when you're in town your primary concerns are usually healing at the town's statue of Althena, buying new equipment, looking for items, and speaking to the townspeople. The NPCs often share useful hints regarding your surroundings, and if you speak to them multiple times they will usually have more to say. You may also receive extra dialogue depending on your current party composition.

Enter the menu (which button does this varies based on your system) and look at the Items screen. Each character in your party has their own inventory, with spaces for equipment and normal items. Click on your character's sprites at the top of the screen to use items, hand them to other characters, or throw them out entirely.

Your characters can only use the items that they have in their individual inventories during combat. Each character can carry six items at a time, and since you will (eventually) have a maximum of five people in your party, this limits you to twenty-four items during any one battle, since Alex can never remove his Ocarina from his inventory. Nall acts as your overall inventory, and he can carry thirty items at a time, though these can only be handed given to your party members outside combat. 

You can find more items in shops or the many chests that are scattered throughout the game, including in Burg. Before you bother, though, you should collect another party member. Travel to central Burg, southeast of where you start, then head to the northeast. Across a bridge you'll find the entrance to a spring, and here you'll meet Luna


Burg is far from the largest settlement you'll visit in Lunar: Silver Star Story, but there's enough to see and do here to keep you busy for a little while. Take the chance to explore before you set off on the first leg of your journey, as a bit of item collection will make the upcoming dungeon a bit easier.

  • The first house you find in the northwesr of Burg belongs to Alex's family. Speak to his father to receive a Dagger, a Sling, and a Flame Ring. Alex should equip the Dagger, while Luna gets the Sling. Alex is a good candidate for the Flame Ring. In the house's basement you'll find chests containing an Herb, a Starlight, an Angel Tear, and a Dragonfly Wing. If you poke around the house you'll find descriptions attached to a bunch of pieces of furniture, and they change based on whether Luna is in the party or not.
  • North of the town's statue of Althena is the Weapons Shop. You don't have any money now, but once you do you should come back here and purchase better equipment for your party, which is soon going to have a third member.
  • South of the statue is the town's Item Shop. Again, you have no money for supplies, but once you do it can't hurt to buy a few Herbs. Luna can handle healing duties in the meantime. (More on that in the next section of the guide.)
  • The big house west of the statue belongs to Ramus's family, but he's not home at the moment. You'll find a red chest on the second floor, though you can't open it yet. (Once you can, it contains a Stew Pot Lid.)

Head to the exit of Burg in the southwest and you'll find Ramus, who will join the party. Head west out of town and you'll be on the world map. Wander northwest of town, skirting around the mountains and walking back south. Before you know it you'll be face-to-face with your first dungeon, the White Dragon Cave.

The chances that you will come back to Burg while exploring the White Dragon Cave are pretty high, and when you do, you should pay a visit to the second floor of the Weapons Shop. There's a man up here whom Ramus conned, and he demands 30 silver as recompense. Bring him his money - winning one or two battles in the dungeon should do it - and he'll steal it away. This doesn't seem to have any effect, but it will... when you reach the game's epilogue, minutes before you stop playing. If you want to get everything in the game, don't forget to pay off Ramus's debt! You can only do it when Ramus is in the party!