Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 46

An optional dungeon on the outskirts of Tropu'Hopu, the Sinking Ruins are located in the Southern Nameless Village Traverse, one of the northern routes of Toto'haha. Head to the Western Tropu'hopu Traverse, then sail north to find the Southern Nameless Village Traverse. Go west from the save point on the south end of this route and you'll find a path through the ruins that will take you to the Sinking Ruins.


  • Ancient Froggen V - Weak to Dagger, Ice, Light - Drop / Steal Enfeebling Flower
  • Ancient Froggen VI - Weak to Axe, Bow, Ice - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Ancient Frogking I - Weak to Dagger, Staff, Ice, Dark - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Ancient Frogking II - Weak to Dagger, Staff, Ice, Dark - Drop / Steal Enfeebling Flower
  • Ancient Frogking III - Weak to Dagger, Bow, Lightning - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Pum (M)
  • Giant Gator - Weak to Axe, Staff, Lightning - Drop / Steal Herb-of-Grace Bud
  • Horse Fly - Weak to Polearm, Light, Dark - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Kartikeya (night only) - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Staff - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum (M)
  • Lord of the Flies - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Wind, Light - Drop / Steal Empowering Lychee (M) 

There's a save point near the entrance to the ruins. The path to the west has been flooded, forcing you to head north. Go up the stairs you find, twist around the tree on the side of the path, and go down the southern walkway at the first intersection. You'll come across a chest containing Perfect Jerky.

There's nothing of interest if you head up the stairs to the north of the intersection, so trek west. Look to your north as the path veers south and you'll see a doorway. Inside the door is a chest containing an Articulate Stone. South of here, next to a set of stairs - and partially obscured by a tree as you get close - is a ladder. Climb down it and you'll find a chest containing an Herb-of-Grace Bud.

Follow the torchlit path and you'll come to another intersection. On your right you'll see stairs, and at the top is a chest containing 30,000 leaves. Inspect the ruins to the northeast of these stairs and you'll find a path that will take you to a chest containing a Sea God's Spear. Similar to the Double Tomahawk, this weapon allows you to deliver one extra Spear attack with a normal flurry of strikes, making it an excellent weapon for Breaking some bosses.

To the west if the intersection you'll find a series of staircases leading north to a chest. Get close to the chest and you'll be warned of danger, the sign of an impending boss battle. 


Shields: 8 / 10
  • Polearm, Axe, Bow, Ice (first phase)
  • Sword, Dagger, Lightning, Wind, Dark (second phase)
Drop: Revitalizing Jam
Steal: Nothing

Ever wonder where that RPG status ailment mainstay Petrification is in Octopath Traveler II? Well, here's your answer. A pain-in-the-butt of a boss, mainly because it can hit your characters with that rarest of ailments, the Behemoth can prove quite nasty if you don't have any Herb-of-Grace Buds. The Behemoth uses the following attacks:

  • Petrifying Spell, which inflicts Petrification upon a single character
  • Jolt, a melee strike against your whole party
  • Trample, a heavy melee attack against a single target
  • Silencing Blow, a heavy melee attack that inflicts Silence on one target
  • Abide, which buffs the Behemoth's attack
  • Observe, which raises its shields to 10 and introduces a new set of weaknesses
  • Fissure, a heavy melee attack against your whole party
  • Heavy Stomp, a charged attack that reduces one character to one HP
The Behemoth will begin the battle by using Petrifying Spell to Petrify one of your characters. This renders them unable to take any action until defeated and revived, or brought back with an Herb-of-Grace Bud. The Behemoth will use Petrifying Spell a few more times, at landmark moments during the battle, but otherwise just smacks your party around with heavy physical attacks.

The only thing out of the ordinary with this fight is Petrifying Spell. Everything else is standard routine. If you've been collecting Herb-of-Grace Buds, then this is no problem. If you haven't, well... you might be in trouble, as they're the only way to cure Petrification. Fortunately, you can Steal Herb-of-Grace Buds from the Giant Gators that inhabit the Sinking Ruins. They're not terribly rare enemies to encounter. Get three or four and you should be good.

Other than that, beating the Behemoth requires Breaking its shields and heaping heavy damage on it. The Sea God's Spear from earlier can help you chip through its first round of weaknesses, and the Hunter Skill Precise Shot can do lots of damage when charged with BP. Once the Behemoth changes its weaknesses Aggressive Slice (Warrior) and HP Thief (Thief) are great alternatives for getting rid of its shields. Heal away damage, debuff the Behemoth's physical attack, enhance your own defenses, and proceed as normal.

Defeating the Behemoth will allow you to claim the final treasure chest in the Sinking Ruins, which contains a Rusty Bow. This quest item can be used to unlock one of the Skills of the Armsmaster, a powerful, advanced Job that is worth the effort to acquire and max out. It's also the last thing of value in the Sinking Ruins, so you can leave now if you're done looking around.

Main Walkthrough