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An unassuming country community with a dark past (and, to be fair, present), Crackridge is located in the north of the Wildlands. You'll need to travel to Crackridge to complete the storylines of Ochette and Temenos, and it serves as a nice waypoint as you head north through the region. If nothing else you'll come to Crackridge on your way to get a Merchant License from the nearby Western Crackridge Wilds.

There's only one way to get to Crackridge, and that's by heading north from Crackridge Harbor: Anchorage. The harbor is accessible from the Leaflands, to the west, and by boat from the eastern continent.


Crackridge offers the usual array of stores, with an Inn, a Provisioner, an Armorer, and a Tavern, all within easy access of the entrance. The Armorer has some excellent weapons within the level 30 range, which is about when you'll be traveling to this area.


  • The main entrance / exit in the west of Crackridge leads to the Western Crackridge Wilds, which is the only way in and out of the town. The Merchant Guild is in this area if you're looking for a Merchant License.
  • On the east side of Crackridge is a path to the Abandoned Road, and beyond that the Fellsun Ruins. Temenos will come this way during his third chapter.
  • A ladder on the east side of Crackridge leads to the Bed of the Titan, a steep climb into the canyon beneath Crackridge. Ochette will need to travel down here during her second chapter.


  • Southeast of the save point, sitting on a ledge by itself, is a chest. It contains an Olive of Life (M).
  • In the southeast of Crackridge is a house, guarded by a twitchy Scholar. If you can defeat him - which is not easy - you'll find a chest inside his home. The chest contains From the Far Reaches of Hell, a quest item.

NPCs - Day

  • A Guitarist standing beside the entrance to Crackridge carries a Fur Cap, Denim Work Clothes, and an Empowering Lychee (M). He knows of a hidden Silver Shield, a little ways up the path to the northeast. The Guitarist's Daughter holds a Candy and a Hairbrush.
  • Next to the save point is a Scholar. She's carrying an Inspiriting Plum (M) and a Stimulating Ring. She knows of a hidden Darkdelion inside the Inn.
  • An Elderly Man stands by a tree to the east of the save point. He's carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust, a Bottle of Blinding Dust, and a Stealthy Knife. He knows of a hidden Bottle of Sleeping Dust, by an empty house to the north. (This guy's story is... disturbing, especially given all the items he's carrying.)
  • There are two Boys standing just south of the empty house on the east sid eof Crackridge. Between them they have a Tree Nut, an Invigorating Nut, a Handkerchief, and a Healing Grape. The Boy on the left can get you a Discount at the Inn, while the Boy on the right knows of a hidden Stone between the Provisioner and the Inn.
  • There's a Townsperson standing in front of the Tavern. She's carrying a Thunder Soulstone and an Olive of Life (M).
  • Sitting at a table in the Tavern is a Merchant. He's carrying Diffusing Serum and Strengthening Serum. He knows of a hidden Fire Soulstone (L), outside the house in the southeast of Crackridge.
  • There's a Townsperson standing near the Armorer. He's carrying an Energizing Pomegranate, an Empowering Lychee, and a Critical Ring.
  • There's a Soldier inside the Armorer. He's carrying a Spiked Shield, a Battle Bandana, and a Guardian's Axe.
  • A Suspicious Merchant stands at the bottom of the walkway in front of the Tavern. He's carrying a Miracle Stone, a quest item, as well as an Herb of Valor and a Shadow Soulstone (L).
  • There's a Mason standing out front of the Provisioner. He's carrying a Rock Cleaver, a Mighty Leaf, and a Fire Soulstone (L). He knows about a hidden Fortifying Nut (M) in the empty house on the east side of Crackridge.
  • Out front of the Inn is an Elderly Woman. She's carrying a Crescent Moon Necklace and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust. She knows how to Provoke Like a Pro.
  • You'll find a Dancer looking over a cliff edge in the southeast of Crackridge. He's carrying a Falcon Coat, a Fire Amulet, and a Wind Soulstone (L). He'll teach you how to Guide with Ease.
  • In the southeast of Crackridge, down a ladder and blocking a house, is a Scholar. He's carrying a Warding Necklace and Bottled Nightmares. He's fairly strong, and there's obviously something wrong with the man, though if you can get past him by beating him up you'll find a chest inside his house. The contents are noted above.

NPCs - Night

  • Three people stand outside the house on the east side of Crackridge, which is less empty at night. The two NPCs who weren't around during the day are carrying two Crescent Moon Necklace, a Stonesplitter, an Oak Staff, and a Bottle of Befuddling Dust. The Elderly Man on the left knows of New Equipment for Sale, while the Woman on the right knows of a hidden Steel Bow in front of the Armorer.
  • There's a Young Man standing across from the Inn. He's carrying a Crescent Moon Necklace, a Shadow Soulstone, and a Forbidden Staff. He's quite difficult to defeat in combat, if you're trying to Mug him, though the Forbidden Staff is worth the struggle.
  • There's a Girl in pink in front of the Inn who will run off to the Abandoned Road if you try to speak to her. No idea what's going on with her. (Get the feeling it might be a glitch. I couldn't find her on the Abandoned Road, or in the Fellsun Ruins. She appears outside the Tavern during the day, but aside from that... shrug?)

Main Walkthrough