Main Walkthrough

A thief and a 'cleaner', Throné's story begins in a sewer system, and immediately segues into a battle. The game covers the 'Breaking' system, which is simple enough: Exploit your enemies' weaknesses to various attacks to get rid of their defensive shields, then obliterate them with your strongest attacks. Your team of three characters all have weapons that will chew up the two Pursuers you're fighting, so this fight will be nice and easy.

One of Throné's comrades will die after the fight, and the remaining members will wonder if there's a traitor in their midst. Those questions will need to wait for later, however.

Underground Waterway

  • City Ratkin I - Weak to Dagger, Axe
  • Pursuer - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, Dark - Steal / Drop Healing Grape
The enemies of the Underground Waterway are not a huge deal, given that this is the first section of Throné's story. Have Pirro and Scaracci use normal attacks to soften up and Break any enemies you encounter, then finish them off with Throné's Darkest Night. Try to save some BP for later.

Before you carry on west through the waterway, check to the east, the way your party entered the area. You'll find a chest containing a Protective Ring that will bolster Throné's defenses a bit and make this chapter easier. (Note that you can't change Pirro or Scaracci's equipment.) Then head back west to the locked door preventing escape and keep going.

There's an intersection ahead. Across the bridge leading south you'll find a chest containing a Healing Grape. Further west and north you'll hit a cutscene that will introduce you to one of Throné's abilities.


Time passes between day and night in Octopath Traveler II, and at night Throné can use Ambush to knock people out. This allows her to access area's that would otherwise be restricted. You need to sneak up on your target, so go up the ladder between Pirro and Scaracci to get at the Lookout who's barring your passage east. As with every character skill, Throné will need to be higher levels to Ambush certain characters. (Though the Lookout is a wimp.)

Behind the Lookout is a door. Pop it open and head north to discover that the group hasn't gotten away scot-free. 

Pursuer Leader

Weakness: Axe, Darkness
Drops: Inspiriting Plum
Steal: Inspiriting Plum

Accompanied by two Pursuers, the Pursuer Leader is basically a buffed-up version of his cronies. Take out the two Pursuers first, then have Scaracci use his BP to Break the Pursuer Leader with three normal attacks. Your team can then finish him off. Throné can demolish him with a Boosted Darkest Night or two.

Once the fight's over you'll wind up in a much nicer area.

New Delsta - Backstreets

After a bit of conversation - and an introduction to the Blacksnakes, the group our 'heroes' work for - Throné will be free to explore the city streets. You can wander around and Ambush whomever you like, though it won't do Throné much good. Ah well. Shall we look for items?
  • There's a pub to the north of where you emerged from the Underground Waterway. If you check the alley to the left of the pub you'll find a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum. There's also an Apothecary over here that you'll need to be level 5 to Ambush.
  • Closer to the east side of the city you'll find a Guard blocking the entrance to a house. Ambush him and you'll discover that he's protecting a tiny, uh, den of ill repute. The chest in here contains a Dagger, a step up from Throné's current weapon.
  • In the east, up the stairs, you'll see a save point. Make a point of using these. You can't enter the rest of the city right now, so ignore the stairs to the right of the save point.
There are plenty of people willing to talk in the Backstreets, but aside from those two chests there's nothing else to see. Use the central street leading north to reach your next destination.

New Delsta - Game Parlor

Check the left side of the entrance before you enter the Game Parlor. There's a small dock here, and if you walk down tot he water's edge Throné will hop into a canoe. You can use it to sail north and east, around the back of the Game Parlor. There's a chest back here containing a Critical Nut.

Enter the Game Parlor. Upon arrival in this swanky establishment Throné will have a somewhat-cordial conversation with Father, one of the leaders of the Blacksnakes. You can then explore a bit, though the only thing of real note is a Safe Keeper guarding a vault with three chests, east of the entrance. Throné will need to be level 48 to get past him, which is... highly unlikely at this point in the game. Come back here much later.

Head north of the entrance and you'll be prompted to wait for Mother, the other leader of the Blacksnakes. Choose Yes once you're done exploring to see just how foul Throné's life can be. Once that's done - and after a conversation with Pirro - night will turn to day, and you'll be sent back into the streets. Throné can't Ambush anybody during the day, so hopefully you had enough fun the previous night.

Return to the Game Parlor. Father will reveal the traitor, and tasks Throné with taking them out. First, however, she'll need a disguise. This is where Throné's second Path Action comes into play.


Similar to Therion from the first Octopath Traveler, Throné can Steal from townspeople if she is a high enough level. This takes the place of Ambush during the day. Throné needs to Steal from a specific NPC, but she can find plenty of other stuff in people's pockets around town, as well. Another section of New Delsta has also unlocked now that it's daytime, with its own items to collect and people to rob, so let's check around before proceeding with the plot.

Game Parlor
  • You may not be strong enough to Ambush the Safe Keeper, but he's easy to rob. He's carrying a Fortifying Nut and a Stuffed Toy.

  • The guard in front of the brothel to the south of the Game Parlor has a Buckler.
  • The Girl on the west side of town has Wheat Bread. The Boy beside her has a Shadow Soulstone.
  • The Elderly Man in the western graveyard has an Inspiriting Plum.
  • The Handyman in the northwestern pub has a Light Coin Pouch and a Slippery Nut.
  • The Woman on the eastern stairs has two Wheat Breads and a Bottle of Poison Dust.
  • The Receptionist in the eastern brothel, by the save point, has an Herb of Clarity, a Healing Grape, and a Gold Ring on him. (Your target for an outfit is outside this brothel. We'll get to her.)

Main Street

The primary section of New Delsta can be entered via the stairs near the eastern brothel or by taking the southern path out of the Backstreets. We'll start in the north and make our way south.
  • A Boy near the enormous theater in the north has an Antique Coin. The Doorman by the gate has an Energizing Pomegranate and Fur Armor.
  • The Aristocrat between the theater and the eastern manor is carrying a Silk Handkerchief.
  • There's a regretful Townsperson on the east side of New Delsta who has an Olive of Life to Steal. A short walk east of him is a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate. In the pub to the west of the Townsperson you'll find a Merchant with a Rare Stone and a Boorish Youth with a Bottle of Befuddling Dust.
  • South of the pub and down the stairs you'll find the town's inn. Out front of the inn are five people altogether, and they're collectively carrying an Inspiriting Plum, an Herb of Clamor, a Sprightly Ring, a Light Coin Pouch, a Candy, a Stuffed Toy, and a Leather Helm.
  • East of the inn you'll find the entrance / exit of New Delsta. A man standing on the side of the road is carrying a Handkerchief.
  • Down the western road from the theater you'll find an item shop and a weapon shop. Spend money how you see fit, though getting the Nameless Sword and some armor at a minimum can't hurt. The Woman in the weapon shop has Bottled Nightmares and a Needle Dagger on her. The Woman between the two shops carries a Protective Earring.
  • South of the weapon shop is a barely-visible Artist. He's carrying an Ice, Wind, and Light Soulstone.
The western road along the south end of New Delsta's main area will take you back to the Backstreets. You can save down here, as well as open a chest to find a Healing Grape. The chest is atop a house next to the entrance of the Underground Waterway.

Return to the brothel on the east side of the Backstreets. The Brothel Girl standing out front has Brothel Girl's Clothes on her. Steal them, then head to the mansion in the northeast of the town's main area. The guards, unsurprisingly crude, will escort Throné inside.

Diamante's Estate

  • Diamante Guard I - Weak to Dagger, Dark - Steal / Drop Bottle of Poison Dust
  • Diamante Guard II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Dark - Steal / Drop Healing Grape
  • Guard Dog - Weak to Sword, Polearm - Steal / Drop Inspiriting Plum
  • Light Sentinel - Weak to Dark - Steal / Drop Light Soulstone
Throné is on her own for the rest of the chapter. On the plus side, since it is now night again, Throné will bestow the Blessing of Darkness on herself (and, later, on anyone in her party), raising everyone's attributes. Handy. This makes Throné a natural choice for a party whenever you're fighting at night.

There's a Lookout south of the room where you start out. Ambush him to slip past. West of here you'll find a save point, and not far from that is the mansion's front door. You can leave here and return as you like. If you find Throné's not strong enough (unlikely) you may want to go buy her new equipment before proceeding with the chapter. There's a chest to the west of the entrance containing 1,200 leaves that will help you afford any gear you need.

Head upstairs. There's a lit room with a chest containing a Shadow Soulstone up here, and if you follow the western path and head north you'll find a chest down a set of side stairs. It contains a Long Sword. You'll also start running into, erm, bodies. Follow the pathway east and you'll find a Peddler near a save point, a sure sign that there's a painful fight coming. Near the Peddler is a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum

Buy what you need from the Peddler - Healing Grapes are a good idea - then save up and head into the next room. Approach the broken window in the north to learn the truth behind this whole mess - and be ready to scrap.


Shields: 5
Weaknesses: Sword, Light, Dark
Steal: Light Soulstone
Drop: Inspiriting Plum Basket

Yeah, that friendship probably wasn't going to end well. Pirro focuses on melee attacks, so while he has a few different moves at first they're all pretty basic. Slicing him with your Sword a few times until you Break him will suffice for the first phase of the battle. Use Healing Grapes to maintain Throné's health. Darkest Night Boosted a few times will do significant damage to Pirro once he's Broken, and if you Steal his Light Soulstone you can use it on him for comparable amounts of damage.

Pirro gets serious after you've Broken him once, and will use Resolution to buff his stats. At this point he'll start to use some more painful moves that can do upwards of 50 points of damage in a single turn. Harsh, but Throné can still handle him. You'll receive a quick tutorial on Latent Powers during this fight, and using Throné power, Leave No Trace, you'll grant her twice as many turns.

Break Pirro a second time and he'll use Lightning Speed to boost his agility. He gains yet more new moves. He'll also begin to glow purple, and if you can't Break him quickly he'll use Quituple Edge to deal some heavy damage. Saving up BP for this moment will allow you to stop this move before it happens.

Defeating Pirro will give Throné the resolve she needs to change her situation, and the path to see it done. Chapter complete.