Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 5 / 8 / 11

Likely to be the starting point of Castti's journey, the Western Canalbrine Coast also serves as one of the first routes for any traveler headed to the western continent for the first time. As with most starting routes it's relatively short and stocked with weaker enemies, making it a good place to build up early levels.

The Western Canalbrine Coast exits to the city of Canalbrine in the east, where you can hop on a boat to other anchorages throughout the world. On the far west side of this route from Canalbrine is the Canalbrine Bridge, which will put you within striking distance of Hikari's starting position in the village of Ryu.

  • Blue Betta (water only) - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Ice, Lightning - Drop / Steal Cleansing Leaf
  • Flying Fish (day only) - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, Ice, Lightning - Drop / Steal Healing Grape
  • Hermit Conch - Weak to Sword, Axe, Staff, Light - Drop / Steal Grape Leaf
  • Landwalker - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Axe, Lightning, Light - Drop / Steal Mighty Leaf
  • Ocean Lizardman II (day only) - Weak to Sword, Axe, Bow, Ice, Wind - Drop / Steal Healing Grape
  • Ocean Lizardman III - Weak to Polearm, Staff, Ice, Dark - Drop / Steal Plum Leaf
  • Rock Tortoise - Weak to Sword, Axe, Staff - Drop / Steal Olive of Life
  • Sailfish - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Ice, Light - Drop / Steal Warding Leaf

  • A short way down the road from the entrance to Canalbrine is a chest, sitting on your left. It contains a Healing Grape (M).
  • Follow the path west of Canalbrine and you'll come to a crossroads. If you take the northern path you'll find the entrance of a short cave on your left. Go through and you'll find a dock on the other side. Sail north to find a small island with a chest containing an Herb of Serenity. Sail further east of here, then south, to find a second small island with a chest. This one contains a Traveler's Bow.
  • Up the stairs from the previous crossroads is yet another. Go down the steps on the left to find a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum (M).
  • At the west end of the main path the road will divide one more time. If you go south you'll find a chest containing 1,500 leaves. To the north, on your right as you travel the road to Canalbrine Bridge, is a chest containing a Sticky Flower.