Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 5 / 8 / 11

The first 'outside' area you'll reach if you start Octopath Traveler II as Throné, the two sections of the New Delsta Highroad are good places to cut your teeth on the wider world. The

The eastern exit of the Eastern New Delsta Highroad takes you to the Western Clockbank Highroad, which will put you on the path to Flamechurch, the starting point of Temenos's story. To the north is an exit to the New Delsta Flats, which puts you on the longer path to begin Osvald's story in the frigid north.


  • City Ratkin I - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Fire, Light - Drop / Steal Healing Grape
  • City Ratkin II - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Fire, Light - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum
  • Giant Sheep - Weak to Axe, Bow, Dark - Drop / Steal Olive of Life
  • Meep - Weak to Sword - Drop / Steal Herb of Healing
  • Mad Ratkin (night only) - Weak to Dagger, Bow, Fire, Light - Drop / Steal Dual Flower
  • Night Raven - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, Ice, Light - Drop / Steal Darkdelion
  • Red Betta (water only) - Weak to Dagger - Drop / Steal Blusterbloom
  • Shaggy Meep - Weak to Sword, Staff, Lightning, Wind - Drop / Steal Darkdelion
  • Thunder Wisp (water only) - Weak to Ice, Wind, Light, Dark - Drop / Steal Thunder Soulstone


  • Head east towards the Western Clockbank Highroad and you'll see a chest on a small side path to the north. The chest contains an Iron Blade.
  • Travel north towards the New Delsta Flats and you'll find a body of water in the middle of this area. Check along the west side of the main path to find side paths that both lead to a single chest. The chest contains a Healing Grape (M).
  • In the northeast of this area, assuming you bypassed the exit to the New Delsta Flats, you'll find a house with a windmill out front. There's a chest containing 700 leaves in front of the windmill.

Side Stories

  • As with all new travelers, when you leave New Delsta you'll run into a man named Al, whose bag has been stolen. This will begin the Side Story The Traveler's Bag.
  • In the northeast of this route is a home belonging to an Inventor named Arkar. Speaking to him will immediately unlock the Inventor Secondary Job for your party. You'll also begin the A Genius Inventor Side Story, which empowers the Inventor Job. If you do nothing else on this little route, at a minimum you should pay Arkar a visit.

Main Walkthrough