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A dry, somewhat barren (but not particularly large) wasteland on the western coast of Paldea, the Asado Desert has the distinction of being one of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's few named wilderness areas. It connects one city to another, and is the place to go if you have an interest in Ground- or Fire-type Pokémon.

The Asado Desert is located north of West Province (Area One), west of Cascarrafa, south of West Province (Area Two), and close enough to Porto Marinada to count as a neighbor. While you're exploring the desert there will be occasional sandstorms, reducing visibility during exploration and reducing the accuracy of your team's attacks.

Asado Desert Pokémon
  • Bramblin - Central desert
  • Braviary - Central desert
  • Bronzor - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa
  • Cacnea - Near Cascarrafa
  • Cacturne - Near Cascarrafa
  • Capsakid - Near Cascarrafa
  • Chansey - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Cyclizar - Central desert (Terastallized)
  • Donphan - Near Cascarrafa
  • Espathra - Near Cascarrafa
  • Falinks - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa
  • Flittle - Near Cascarrafa
  • Gastly - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa
  • Hippoptas - Central desert
  • Hippowdon - Central desert
  • Larvesta - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa
  • Lokix - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Makuhita - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Marill - Near the water of Cascarrafa
  • Nacli - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Pawmi - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Phanpy - Near Cascarrafa
  • Psyduck - Near the water of Cascarrafa
  • Rellor - Rocky terrain in the north of the desert
  • Rufflet - Near Cascarrafa
  • Sandaconda - Whole area
  • Sandile - Western desert
  • Sandygast - Central desert (Terastallized)
  • Silicobra - Whole area
  • Stonjourner - Near Cascarrafa
  • Tinkatink - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa
  • Tinkatuff - Ruins to the northwest of Cascarrafa

Areas of Interest
  • There is, notably, no Pokémon Center in the Asado Desert. If you need to heal your team you'll probably have to hoof it back to Cascarrafa.
  • There's a set of ruins between two massive rocks to the northwest of Cascarrafa. You'll find a number of unique Pokémon living nearby.
  • In the north of the desert there's a stretch of rocky terrain, just past the ruins. Along the edge of the cliffs you'll find a number of Pokémon not located elsewhere in the Asado Desert.
  • As you make your way west through the desert you'll run into the subject of the Search for the Quaking Earth Titan. Behind its den - which is the giant rock in the southwest of the desert - you'll find TM 132 Baton Pass, on the edge of the cliffs that mark the end of the desert. Near a cluster of smaller rocks to the northeast of the den you'll find TM 013 Acid Spray and a Moon Stone.

Items and NPCs of Note
  • Though he's technically in Cascarrafa, there's a Pokémon League rep at the Pokémon Center abutting the desert who will give you TM 149 Earthquake when you defeat five trainers in Asado Desert.
  • Take a sharp right from the entrance of Cascarrafa and you'll find a Water Tera Shard beside the water that runs through the city. If you follow the southern cliffs along the edge of the desert you'll eventually find an Earth Terra Shard, as well.
  • There are a lot of Stardusts, Miracle Seeds, Sun Stones, and Soft Sands scattered throughout the Asado Desert, appearing as golden gleams. Grab them all and you'll earn lots of cash the next time you stop off at a vendor. 
  • Travel northwest of Cascarrafa and you'll come across TM 056 Bullet Seed, sitting by itself in the sand.
  • Northwest of Cascarrafa is a huge rock, jutting out of the sand, and it's surrounded by items. Behind this rock is a set of ruins, and you'll find a Rare Candy and TM 090 Spikes among the rubble. You'll find three Max Ethers to the west of the ruins, as well, and if you continue northwest you'll find a cliff overlooking a grassland. Along the cliff you'll find TM 030 Snarl.
  • West of Cascarrafa is another huge rock. On the south end of it is TM 042 Night Shade, near a trainer. Southwest of it, in the desert, is TM 008 Fire Fang.
  • In roughly the middle of the desert you'll see the area's fallen, half-buried watchtower. TM 050 Rain Dance is sitting near the bottom of the watchtower.
  • Check the west side of the northern hill that leads out of the desert. You'll find TM 051 Sandstorm on the ridge.


Luis the Student
  • Basculin, level 20
  • Pawniard, level 20
Location: Northwest of Cascarrafa
Reward: 1,200 P

Basculin is a Water-type, while Pawniard is a Dark- and Steel-type. Both are mildly tough, though not a big deal.

Ismael the Student
  • Clauncher, level 23
Location: Behind the first giant rock to the west of Cascarrafa
Reward: 1,196 P

A Water-type glass cannon. Get the first move and it should go down easily.

Raquel the Student
  • Shellos, level 26
  • Seviper, level 26
  • Naclstack, level 26
Location: Directly west of the Cascarrafa Pokémon Center
Reward: 4,160 P

Raquel is the tough trainer of the desert, but he's still not a big deal. Shellos is a Water-type, Seviper is a Poison-type, and Naclstack is a Rock-type. A Ground- or Grass-type will get you through two-thirds of the competition.

Gregorio the Poké Maniac
  • Dratini, level 22
Location: Near the ramp leading north out of Asado Desert to 
Reward: 1,320 P

Dratini would be a big deal if it was fully-evolved, but right now it's just a little Dragon-type. Wallop it with whatever you like.

Youngster Beltran
  • Buizel, level 20
Location: Beside the Titan's den on the west side of the desert
Reward: 880 P

Standard Water-type. You shouldn't have much trouble.