Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Xiao's level 3 friendship

Reward: None

Your relationship with Xiao is going well, and given that he's one of the characters you can romance you may want to push things that extra mile. Xiao continues to be a fixture at Town Hall much of the day, and so long as the place is open he'll pretty much always be waiting behind the front desk on the ground floor. You can also find Xiao in several other places around Moonbury, most notably on the cliffs in the north of town, though the first place you check should always be Town Hall.

Once you've maxed out the third level of your relationship with Xiao a notice will go up on the Bulletin Boards around town, asking you to visit Mayor Myer at Town Hall. You can meet him there any day of the week, from 8:00 to 15:00 (in other words, the hours of operation). Go upstairs to trigger the cut scene.

Myer regrets Xiao's ever-busy schedule, and he gives you a Sealed Envelope to pass off to Xiao when you get a moment. (Maybe Xiao wouldn't be so busy if Myer didn't delegate simple tasks like this all the time.) Hand off the Sealed Envelope and Xiao will thank you for the effort. The quest will seemingly end there...

... at least until you get home. Xiao will intercept you before you go inside, and... well, just watch the cut scene. It's cute. Once all is said and done your relationship will take another jump, and you'll be within striking distance of a romance with Xiao. Take that extra step and you'll unlock the final quest in Xiao's storyline, Rekindled Memories.