Main Walkthrough

As you explore Moonbury Island and learn more about the history of the island you'll come across a series of journal entries. All are written by the chemists that came to the island in the past, and detail just what they did to make the people of Moonbury Town hate them so much. Three of these entries are supplied to you as part of the main story, but the rest you'll need to collect as you explore.

This walkthrough will guide you to the journal entries in Potion Permit. Each appears as a small scroll half-buried in the ground, and you'll have to thoroughly explore the three of main areas of Moonbury Island to collect them all. You can re-read journal entries via the Key Item section of your Inventory, by inspecting the Notes pertaining to each area of the island.

Meadow Range

  • South of the landslide in Meadow Range, on a dirt patch
  • South of the northbound exit to Glaze Iceberg, on a side path guarded by a Blackpaw
  • East of the South of Meadow Range Fast Travel point, along the small path north of the clearing where Lavender grows
  • West of the South of Meadow Range Fast Travel point, in the clearing where Sunflowers grow

Glaze Iceberg
  • East of the cable car entrance to the area, near the clearing where Cold Blooms grow
  • Along the path to the east of Glaze Grotto, in the northwest of Glaze Iceberg
  • In the large clearing to the south of the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point, where Marigolds grow
  • On a cliff edge in the northeast of Glaze Iceberg, near the clearing where Yggdrasil plants grow

Barren Wasteland

  • East of the entrance to Barren Wasteland, on the edge of the screen
  • In a clearing a short walk northwest of the Heart of Barren Wasteland Fast Travel point, near an Garlic plant
  • At the very end of the path in the southwest of Barren Wasteland, near the clearing where Black Lotus plants grow