Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Garret's level 1 friendship

Reward: 175 G

Unlocks: Garret level 2 friendship

Ah, Garret. The curmudgeonly owner of the Farmhouse doesn't seem much happier with you after the first friendship quest, so maybe you should give it another try. Garret lives at the Farmhouse and spends most of his day on the grounds, either inside or outside the house, so he's not that difficult to find. Occasionally you'll find him at the park to the east, painting, but you're much more likely to track him down by simply visiting the farm.

Maxing out Garret's second level friendship will see another notice posted on the Bulletin Boards around town. It's Mercy again, and she wants you to have another look at Garret. Clearly she wasn't convinced by the last prognosis. You can visit from 10:00 to 18:00 on any day of the week to trigger the cut scene.

Drop in on the family and Mercy will ask that you brew up a Potion - more of a meal, really - that was given to her by a friend. She's hoping it will cure Garret's troubles and get him out of his wheelchair, a possibility that Garret himself considers rather remote. The Potion is Fortified Bone Broth, and it requires filling eighteen squares, without the use of Fire materials. You'll need one upgrade to your Cauldron to fill the template if you're only working with materials from Meadow Range.

Here are some suggested ingredients for assembling the Fortified Bone Broth:
  • You can fill the right side of the template with Rainbow Dews. Rainbow Dew is found in the south of Meadow Range, and is unlocked by completing the Unknown Residue quest.
  • Place a Copper Nugget on the bottom-left side of the template, beside the lower Rainbow Dew. Copper Nuggets are chopped out of rocks throughout Meadow Range.
  • Place Feverfew above the Copper Nugget and below the lower Rainbow Dew. Feverfew grows in the northeast of Meadow Range.
  • Last, fill in the remaining space with a Sap of your choice. Sap falls out of felled trees.

Take the resulting 'Potion' to Mercy. Like her husband she spends most of her days around the Farmhouse, though Mercy is a little more adventurous and can be found elsewhere in Moonbury as well. Things go more or less as you might expect, though at least the quest ends on a positive note. Your relationship with Garret improves, too, so he's less grumpy when you talk to him from now on.