Main Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Into the Ocean, find Bronze Kelp while diving

Reward: Extractor blueprint

Unlocks: --

Early in your trip through Coral Island you'll gain the ability to dive into the seas surrounding the island via the quest Into the Ocean. The Diving Suit and training you receive will allow you to clear the ocean of trash, as well as collect a bevy of useful items in the process. This connected quest, The Extractor, will make the trash collecting even more lucrative.

While exploring the depths you'll come across strands of kelp. Most of it will be green, but some will appear as a gold-bronze. Slice it up with your Scythe and you'll receive Bronze Kelp. You won't know what this stuff does until you go home and have a nap. The next day you'll get a visitor in the form of Surya, an assistant in Ling's Lab. He'll tell you a bit about the uses of kelp, and will give you the blueprint for making an Extractor to utilize the kelp.

You'll need the following materials to assemble an Extractor:

  • 20 Scrap. You'll occasionally receive Scrap when destroying trash piles with your Scythe. The sea is teeming with garbage to destroy. Once you get Diving to level 2 you'll also receive the blueprints for the Recycling Machine, which converts Trash into Scrap.
  • 20 Bronze Kelp. The quest Into the Ocean has you clearing a substantial section of the ocean floor, and in that time you'll run into plenty of Bronze Kelp patches.
  • 40 Wood. Chop down trees around your farm.

Constructing an Extractor will complete The Extractor and immediately unlock the next quest, Essence Extraction. Now you need to put the Extractor to work by placing ten Bronze Kelps and a piece of Glass into it. Glass is an item that you can craft later in the game, but early on the only way to get any is to slash it out of garbage heaps. If you don't have any already you'll need to get back to work underwater until you find a piece.

Place the components into the Extractor, then wait a while. After about a day you'll receive some Bronze Kelp Essence, ending the quest. You can use Kelp Essence to purchase seed upgrades at Ling's Laboratory, making it an extremely valuable resource if you plan on farming heavily to make money.