Main Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Explore the Cavern for the first time

Reward: Furnace blueprint

Unlocks: --

In order to unlock All Ore Nothing you first need to head over to the Cavern. Coral Island's mine / dungeon, the Cavern is located to the northwest of your farm, down the road to the right of the Ranch. You'll need Mark to swing by your farm and tell you that the Cavern is open for business before you can enter, though he'll do so within the first handful of days. It's also possible that you need to mine some Bronze Ore while you're inside the Cavern, though that's easy enough to do.

Once you've made your trip to the Cavern you'll receive a visit from Pablo the next day. He's the more outgoing of Starlet Town's two blacksmiths, and he'll explain the benefits of upgrading your tools - a service that he provides. To do so you need to create Bars, which can be done via a Furnace. Pablo will give you the blueprints to create your first Furnace before he leaves, triggering this quest.

Crafting a Furnace is pretty simple, though if you haven't spent much time exploring the early areas of the Cavern you'll need to make a return trip for materials. You'll need the following items:

  • 40 Stones. Stone is found in great abundance in the Cavern. Just keep hacking up chunks of rock with your Pickaxe.
  • 20 Bronze Ores. Bronze Ore is rarer than Stone, though one or two trips should be enough to get you 20 pieces. You'll receive Bronze Ore by breaking up rocks with orange-bronze chunks sticking out of them, or by tapping veins in the ground. Veins are rarer finds than rocks, but provide more Bronze Ore.

Constructing and placing a Furnace on your farm will conclude All Ore Nothing and trigger a new quest, Smelting for Progress. To complete this one you just need to craft a Bronze Bar using the Furnace. Each Bronze Bar requires five Bronze Ore and Coal, mined from rocks, to create. You can then take the Bronze Bars to the Blacksmith in Starlet Town to upgrade your tools. Each upgrade costs $2,000, five Bronze Bars, and a variable amount of Wood, depending on what you want to upgrade. Upgrading your tools makes them more powerful, lowering your workload each day.