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The artist of Coral Island, Dippa is constantly on the search for inspiration. Friendly but a bit restless, Dippa can be found in a few different locations as they look for a muse, though they confine their search to the day. Dippa is married to Emma, the owner of the taco truck, and finding one will often find you the other as well.

Dippa's birthday is on the 25th of Fall. You cannot romance them.

Dippa's Schedule

Given their love of the arts and need for inspiration, Dippa travels to a few different places each day to reflect and gather material for their paintings. They live in a cottage with Emma in the far north of Starlet Town, near Emma's taco truck, and it's not uncommon to find them walking back and forth along the street leading to Dippa's home. 
  • Dippa leaves them house at 8:00, then usually heads south into town. You'll often find them headed to the Abandoned Villa to hang out with Nina (and sometimes Lily) for several hours, and depending on the day they may spend the majority of their time with Nina before they head home. If Dippa doesn't leave home immediately - and if the weather is nice - they may water the plants outside their home rather than making a trip to the villa.
  • If Dippa doesn't spend the day at the Abandoned Villa you can often find them watching the water near the Mayor's House, to the east of the Blacksmith and across a bridge. On the weekends they'll go with Emma to the lake to paint, and on rainy days they will visit the Museum in the afternoon.
  • Dippa greatly dislikes the night, and will go home around 14:00. They will often pause to paint just outside their house before it gets dark, then go inside for the evening at 18:00. You'll have until 20:00 to get inside the house and interact with Dippa before the house locks for the day.
Your best bet for tracking down Dippa is usually to head towards their home before sunset and either catch them outside or go inside. Otherwise, the Abandoned Villa is usually a safe bet for a conversation.

  • At two hearts Dippa will randomly send you Fish Tacos in the mail.
  • At two hearts you'll see a scene between Dippa and Emma in Sam's General Store if you visit during store hours (9:00 to 17:00, 12:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, every day but Wednesday).

Likes and Dislikes

Dippa enjoys food, and throwing food items their way will typically give you a nice friendship boost. They particularly like Radishes (Spring) and Beets (Fall), both of which you can grow early in the game. Beets regrow, as well, so you can easily create a stockpile in the Fall and dole them out to Dippa all year long. Dippa loathes alcohol, so make sure you save your brews for other townies.

  • Hash Browns
  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Morels
  • Pink Diamonds
  • All Gems
  • Most Flowers
  • Most Fruits
  • Most Vegetables
  • Most Cooked Dishes
  • All Fish
  • All Insects
  • All Artifacts
  • Beer
  • Sake
  • Wine
  • Violets
  • Tomatoes