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One of Coral Island's two hairdressers, Erika is a force of cheerful personality. Living with her husband Frank and a pair of cats in the south of Starlet Town, Erika is happy to spread cheer - and advice - to anyone willing to listen. If you plan on remaking your character's image on a regular basis, you'll see Erika a lot.

Erika's birthday is on the 8th of Winter. You cannot romance her.

Erika's Schedule

The co-owner of the Salon just off the eastern plaza in Starlet Town, Erika can predictably be found tending to people's hair during the day. The rest of the time she visits a variety of locations, though none of them stray too far from Starlet Town. Overall she's one of the easier characters to track down each day.
  • Erika leaves her home in the south of Starlet Town fairly early, around 7:00, though she doesn't go straight to the Salon. Most of the time you'll find Erika reading on a bench just south of the Community Center. At 11:00 she'll head east to the Salon to begin her shift. On her days off - Monday, for example - she'll instead go to the school to help out with the kids. If it's raining out Erika will stay at home before she goes anywhere 
  • Erika spends most of the day at the Salon, working alongside Emily. The Salon's hours are 9:00 (12:00 on Sundays) to 17:00, every day but Monday and Saturday. Erika won't always stick around the whole time, however, and sometimes leaves around 15:30 to go to the Coral Inn for some light reading in the lobby. On her days off she'll occasionally spend midday at the Community Center, especially when it's raining.
  • Erika typically doesn't stay out very late, and shortly after dark falls (usually between 18:00 and 20:00) she'll head home. You usually won't catch her at home unless it's a day off or there's rain pelting Starlet Town.

  • At two hearts Erika will randomly send you items in the mail. (They appear to be related to hair care, but they haven't been implemented yet. You'll get a letter with nothing attached.)
  • At two hearts you can trigger an event with Erika and Frank when you visit their home.
  • At three hearts you can trigger an event with Erika and Frank by approaching Fishensips during the day, on a nice day. (I triggered it at 10:00.) Frank does not need to be working for this event to trigger.
  • At four hearts you can trigger an event with Erika and Bree if you enter the grounds of the Hillside Manor during the day, on the west side of Starlet Town, just north of the Community Center.

Likes and Dislikes

Given that she's married to Frank, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that Erika likes food. If you spend time in the kitchen you can befriend her pretty quickly. (Though she likes hot dishes. Don't prepare any cold foods for Erika or you'll incur her wrath.) That said, you can more cheaply befriend Erika by growing Irises in the Summer and giving them to her. Stock up on Irises and you can max out your relationship with Erika pretty quickly.

  • Cane Nectar
  • Pepper and Mushroom Flatbread
  • Red Curry
  • Jam
  • Iris
  • Pink Diamond
  • Most Cooked Dishes
  • All Flowers
  • All Gems
  • Most Fruit
  • Most Vegetables
  • All Fish
  • All Insects
  • All Artifacts
  • Fresh Salad
  • Sashimi
  • Sushi
  • Yogurt
  • Violet
  • Trash