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A former office worker who decided to get back to nature, Macy is Coral Island's resident photographer. Despite her dislike of sunlight she spends her days snapping pictures of the island, and it's pretty common to come across her with her camera flashing. Upbeat and optimistic, Macy is quite happy to become friends - and if you build your relationship with her enough, she may become something more as well.

Macy's birthday is on the 25th of Spring. You can romance her.

Macy's Schedule

Macy is a bit of an oddball, as she likes to spend time in a variety of locations, depending on the day. She doesn't have a set workplace like other characters, and will flit all over the place. That said, there are still some common areas where you can usually find her.
  • Macy lives at the Coral Inn, and begins her days there. Where she goes once she leaves the inn depends on the day, and occasionally the season. She might head to the beach near the Coral Inn, or the Salon, or to the pond near the Cavern... until you master her schedule, which isn't worth the effort, you might as well just watch where Macy goes after she leaves the Coral Inn and intercept her.
  • Macy is similarly unpredictable during the day. On Mondays, for example, she hangs out near the Abandoned Villa in the southeast of Starlet Town, whereas other days she might spend ages by the Cavern or in the Salon, or taking pictures in the plaza near the Salon. During the Winter she seems to spend more time indoors, and you may find her at the Community Center instead, reading a book. Catching Macy at midday is tougher than any other time of the day.
  • Though you may find Macy at Fishnsips occasionally in the evenings, she'll usually head back to the Coral Inn after sundown. Catching her on the path back to the inn is one of the easier ways to work her into your daily schedule. During nicer weather Macy may hang out on the docks near the Coral Inn, taking pictures, before going inside to work and sleep.
  • At two hearts Macy will randomly send you Blue Quartz and Pizzas in the mail.

Likes and Dislikes

Macy has a taste for good food and nice gems, and if you aim at one or the other you'll quickly befriend her. Making Fruit Tarts is probably the most time- and cost-effective way to satisfy Macy, and you'll receive the recipe by befriending Eva. Simply slinging valuable stones found in the Cavern will also earn you Macy's affections, though she only loves three of them, all of which are fairly rare. Fortunately, she'll send you the occasional Blue Quartz, which you can give right back.

(You can also give Macy Wine, which is pretty easy to make if you grow Grapes and ferment them in Kegs, but you earn so much money from selling Wine that it's probably not a great idea.)

  • Pizza
  • Fruit Tart
  • Guacamole
  • Wine
  • Blue Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Pink Diamond
  • All Flowers
  • Most Gems
  • Artisanal Goods
  • Milk
  • All Fish
  • All Insects
  • All Artifacts
  • All Fruits
  • Trash