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The owner of a small coffee shop, Raj is well-dressed, mannerly, and not afraid to give his opinion - especially if you try to hand him vegetables. Living out of the Coral Inn, Raj seems to enjoy a slow, calm life dedicated to the brewing of coffee, making him a great partner for anyone who wants to relax a bit.

Raj's birthday has not yet been revealed in-game. You can romance him.

Raj's Schedule

Raj lives at the Coral Inn to the south of your farm, and will wake early and leave the inn to go to work. On most days you'll either intercept him on his way to work, headed northbound, or at Raja's Coffee Corner, located on the same small boardwalk as Fishensips. Though Raj works every day at the Coffee Corner, he won't open the store if it's raining.
  • In the mornings Raj will leave the Coral Inn around 7:00 and walk to Raja's Coffee Corner via the path along the beach. On certain days (Wednesday, for example) Raj will instead stop partway along Garden Lane, the road connecting Coral Inn to the rest of Starlet Town, and read for a while beneath a tree, before going to work.
  • During the day Raj is found at Raja's Coffee Corner, tending to any customers and doling out coffee knowledge. This is where you're most likely to find him. If Raj went off to read during the morning instead you may find him cleaning tables outside Fishensips around 14:00. During the Winter you may instead find Raj working in the Community Center, in the pet area to the right of the entrance.
  • Around 17:00 Raj will head back to the Coral Inn, again by walking along the beach. Upon arrival at the inn he usually heads to the dining room to have some food before going to bed, though occasionally he'll loiter just outside the inn for a while instead.
In short, check the Coffee Corner if you're trying to find Raj. If he's not there he'll almost always be somewhere between the Coffee Corner and the Coral Inn.

  • At two hearts Raj will randomly send you Coffee, Green Tea and Coffee Beans in the mail.

Likes and Dislikes

Raj likes just about everything he serves at Raja's Coffee Corner, making him an easy (if expensive) townie to befriend. You may want to set up a Keg so you can distill the things Raj likes rather than having to drop money at the Coffee Corner on a regular basis. 

  • Apple Pie
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Bean
  • Luwak Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Tea Leaf
  • Donuts
  • All Flowers
  • All Fruits
  • Daffodils
  • Cenils
  • All Vegetables
  • All Insects
  • Jamu
  • Trash