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Starlet Town's librarian, Millie is an avid lover of books. The person in charge of the library inside the Community Center, Millie is also the mayor's informal assistant, and helps arrange festivals. If you spend a lot of time in or around the Community Center you're bound to run into Millie.

Millie's birthday is on the 3rd of Winter. You can romance her.

Millie's Schedule

Millie lives at Garden Lane, a shared house with Yuri that's located south of the road that connects your farm to Starlet Town in the east. It's just about the closest place to your home, making it a quick visit each day if you want to befriend Millie. That said, though, you're more likely to find Millie in the main areas of Starlet Town, near the Community Center (unless it's rainy, in which case Millie won't leave her house unless she's headed to work).
  • On a typical day Millie will leave her home around 8:00 and arrive at the library around 9:00 to begin work. If she's not working you can often find her reading in the communal areas to the south of the Community Center.
  • Once Millie is in the library she can spend the majority of the day there, not leaving until 21:00. This will virtually always be your best bet for finding her. If Millie isn't working - on Thursdays, for example - you may instead find her in her home, watching TV, or idling somewhere nearby, to the north or south of the house. In the Summer you may also find her down by the beach if she's not working.
  • On work days Millie goes straight home from the library and heads to bed. She gets back late enough that you won't be allowed inside her house, so try to catch her in the street.

  • Raise your relationship with Millie to one heart and you'll receive a cut scene with her if you walk towards the lake to the northeast of Starlet Town. The trigger is right beside Lily, Jimmy, and Theo's house.
  • At two hearts Millie will randomly send you Rainbow Sandwiches and Slimy Okra in the mail.

Likes and Dislikes

Though you won't catch her at Fishnsips too often Millie is a fan of food, and cooking up meals for her is a relatively easy way to her heart. She also loves Sugarcane, a renewable vegetable that you can grow en masse cheaply and quickly in Spring. Giving Millie Sugarcane is the easiest way to befriend her by far.

  • Assorted Grill Platter
  • Seafood Ramen
  • Veggie Ramen
  • Stew
  • Sugarcane
  • Melon
  • Olive
  • Pink Diamond
  • All Fruits
  • All Vegetables
  • All Gems
  • All Flowers
  • Egg
  • All Insects
  • Beach Scavengables
  • All Fish
  • Trash