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This article is under construction. Chaem seems a little underdeveloped compared to other characters, perhaps because she was added as a romance option more recently than some of the other townies.

One of the more rough-and-tumble townsfolk in Coral Island, Chaem is honest, blunt, and occasionally rude - but still friendly for all that.  Living in the Observatory, Chaem spends her days chasing physical perfection, and it's not unusual to find her working out. If you're looking for a buff, fitness-minded gal with a bottomless stomach, Chaem is perfect for you, since she's also single.

As of the release of Coral Island Chaem's birthday has not been added to her bio. You can romance her.

Chaem's Schedule

Chaem is an active person, and spends most of her time outdoors. She tends to frequent the southern half of Starlet Town, particularly the beach, though you may run into her on trails in the north from time to time as well. She lives at the Observatory in the north end of Starlet Town, a short walk from the Carpenter.
  • Chaem leaves the Observatory early most days, and will occasionally pause for a quick workout in the grass near the Observatory. If she works out she won't head into town until around 12:00. Her destination after this varies, but the chances are pretty good that she's heading for the beach.
  • Chaem spends her afternoons in the nice weather on the beach, either playing volleyball or just hanging out. Saturday is Chaem's least active day, and she'll spend most of her afternoon and evening at Fishensips with a bunch of other townsfolk. 
  • In the evening Chaem will head home to the Observatory. If she comes home early enough she'll do some exercises in the yard. Otherwise she'll head right inside and go to bed.
In general your best bet with Chaem, at least during the day, is always going to be down by the beach. If you try to catch her at the Observatory you'll usually be either too early or too late to catch her.

  • At two hearts Chaem will send you Basil Pesto Pasta in the mail.
  • At three hearts Chaem will send you the recipe for Gnocchi in the mail.
  • At four hearts Chaem will send you the recipe for Pizza in the mail.

Likes and Dislikes

Chaem is always busy bulking up her body, and despite what you may think her favorite gifts are foods. You can head to Fishensips and buy a lot of their stock to keep Chaem happy. Virtually any dish you can cook up in your kitchen will make her happy, as well. Food in general will appease Chaem's appetite.

  • Basil Pesto Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Veggie Ramen
  • Seafood Ramen
  • Gnocchi
  • Pink Diamonds
  • Any Cooked Dishes
  • Any Flowers
  • Any Fruits or Vegetables
  • Any Insects
  • Any Artifacts
  • Any Beach Scavengables
  • Any Fish
  • Trash