Part 2: Bright Town

Main Walkthrough

Located to the south of The Strix in Bright Town, The Slums is your first 'dungeon' area outside the introductory section of Jack Move. Here you can level up Noa to your heart's content before moving on with the story, as well as level up her Software and gather cash for new Software. The restorative vending machine just north of the Slums and back in Bright City will make this a simple task. If you want to make the game a little easier, in other words, stick around here for a while until you're steamrolling the competition.

Shortly after arriving in The Slums you'll receive a brief tutorial on the Threat Meter, and you'll now have the option to either ramp up, lower, or completely eliminate random battles in the game. The tutorial itself warns that you will be unprepared for later threats if you avoid battling too much, and this is indeed the case. There are forced battles in Jack Move, and you need to level to get past them. Don't neglect Noa!

You'll run into the following enemies as you explore the Slums:
  • Drone - 400 HP. Hits hard and is quite fast. On the plus side, these things are rare. Your strongest Software attacks will suffice.
  • Goon - 200 HP. Hits very hard with physical attacks, but has low health. A quick Software attack of almost any type will take one down. Should be a priority target.
  • Lackey - 250 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Calls in help if he's alone. A good way to quickly earn experience, but if you're in trouble these guys are a real pain and should be put down quickly.
  • Power Pooch - 110 HP. A returning enemy. One hit should take it down at this point.
  • Sassy Electro Punk - 500 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Hits hard with Electronifists, and gets stronger when paired with Troni-Dogs. Still a secondary enemy to beat.
  • Troni-Dog - 200 HP. Weak to Cyberware. Buffs other enemies. Should be dealt with swiftly.
Generally speaking you'll find Glitch to be the move of the day in this area, as three out of the five enemies are weak to Cyberware, and the other two will usually die to a single Glitch because they have low health. Auto Electro Firewall is useful in the Slums, given the number of Sassy Electro Punks hitting you with their Electronifists.

Head south on the first screen of the Slums. Next to a house on your left is a box containing a Data Packet. From here you can go either east or west, though heading east will take you to a locked scrap yard. This is important eventually, but not right now. Head west.

Head west until you reach a burning car. North of here is an alleyway, down which you'll find a box containing a System Cycle Packet. Continue west to the next screen, then swing south. To your right as you cross another street you'll find a box containing a Mini Armor Chip, which is a handy piece of equipment for this neighborhood. Continue south of here until you see a fence and you'll find a box containing a System Cycle Packet on your left.

Backtrack north and take a right at the building labeled 'Modware'. On the next screen you'll find a box containing a Health Packet a short ways north of you. Continue east down the street to a third screen and a dead end, where, among some cars, you'll find a box with another System Cycle Packet inside.

South of the wrecked cars is a plank of wood. Walk beneath it, then up the stairs to the south. There's a path at the top of the stairs that will take you on a curvy path to the west, then back down to ground level - and an exit. Ignore the exit for a second and walk beneath the ruined platforms to the northeast. You'll find a box containing a Data Packet. Now you can head for the exit.

Run west through the next alleyway over - stop to check the data pad for some history on the world - and on the next screen you'll come to the fence you saw earlier in the Slums. There's a generator beside the fence that you can activate to create a path back towards the beginning of the Slums, should you need to return to Bright Town. Otherwise, you can carry on west to find your next destination, the ever-luxurious Cash City.