Main Walkthrough

Jack Move jumps right into the action in the neon-painted Bright Town as protagonist Noa gets caught trying to do something that's probably illegal. No time to breathe, eh? Combat!


Jack Move is a turn-based RPG, so if you've played any SNES-era RPGs you'll have a good idea what to expect. Noa fights each battle solo, and can use a combination of normal attacks (called 'Hack' here) and Software Abilities to defeat enemies. Her Data count (DP) dictates whether she can use Software or not, similar to MP in fantasy settings. Pretty straightforward, at least to start.

One important thing to note is the timeline at the top-right corner of the screen. The Turn Order timeline will let you know whose turn it is, based on the portrait on the left side of the timeline. At the moment it doesn't matter all that much who goes when, but as the game gets more difficult you'll want to pay close attention to who is going, and when. Manipulating Noa's speed in combat will even allow her to go twice or more in a row, and that will be displayed via Turn Order.

Beating the Monomind Security will take two Hacks. Piece of cake. Head into the building in the north once he's down for the count.

Gribble & Associates

You're now inside an office. The first thing you'll learn about here is the Threat Level. Whenever you enter a dangerous area this meter will 'charge' as you explore. Once it's high enough you'll risk getting into a random battle if you continue to run around. Each subsequent battle will teach you something new about the combat system:
  • In the first battle Ryder will teach you about using the Software command, via a move called Glitch. He speaks of three move types that serve as weaknesses to enemies. We'll get into weaknesses as we go along, since the Monomind Security in here are weak to... everything.
  • The next tutorial will teach you a few things, starting with the Cache command. Using Cache will allow you to Defend and stall your way through a few enemy turns. You can then use the Install and Execute commands to equip the Intravene Software, which can be used to restore Noa's health. (Basically Cache gives you two turns in a row on the timeline, in exchange for giving up your turn. It'll come in handy.)
  • Once you've completed enough battles and built up the JM meter you'll learn about Jack Moves. These are powerful attacks that increase in strength if you correctly input directional commands before the move executes. At the moment Ryder has the Killerwatt Jack Move, though you'll gain more as the game goes on.
Whenever you win a fight you'll gain experience. Gain enough and Noa will go up a level, giving all of her stats a boost. Each piece of Software used in the battle also receives experience, becoming more powerful once they gain a level. It pays to diversify your moves as you make your way through the game, leveling up several pieces of Software rather than just one or two. Using Install and Execute in battle will make it easier to level up your Software collection.

In the top-left of the first room you'll find a shining box, the sign of an item. This chest contains the Mini Filter Chip hardware. You can equip this on Noa right away, and the game will show you how. Eventually you'll be able to equip up to three pieces of hardware on Noa's deck, though for now you'll have to settle on one. The Mini Filter Chip will increase your Software Defense, causing you to take less damage if Noa gets hit by a Software move from an enemy in combat. (And that will happen. Often.)

In the back of the lobby is an elevator. Hop inside and you'll ride up to the Cube Farm. Here you'll start running into new enemies:
  • Power Dressers - Weak to all. Uses the Stiletto Slash move to hit you twice. Not a big deal unless buffed.
  • Power Pooches - Weak to all. Buff their buddies using Howl, then chew on you three times in a row. Dispatch these things first. You'll see lots of similar robot dogs on your journey, and they should usually be your first target.
On the south end of this room is a box containing a Data Packet. You can use the Data Packet to restore your DP, which is probably a bit low after performing Software moves. On the north end of the Cube Farm is a Health Packet, which restores Noa's HP. Simple stuff.

Head through the door on the north side of the Cube Farm. The next room is the Executive Office, and Noa will point you towards a computer console on the right side of the room. Check it out - sounds like Noa's target was into some salacious stuff - then take out the enemies that appear immediately after.

Head out the back door on the north side of the Executive Office. In the next room is a vending machine that will refill your health and data, making this a great spot to level up Noa and her Software. You'll see vending machines pretty regularly throughout Jack Move, in and out of combat zones. Once you're happy with your progress - getting Noa to level six will make her a decent bit stronger - climb the Fire Escape to the next floor.

You'll soon wind up in an Abandoned Room. In a box on the left side of the room you'll find a Health Packet. If you check the darkened boxes to the east of this obvious treasure chest you'll see the barely-visible, telltale glint of a second item box, this one containing another Health Packet. Head south and you'll find the exit to the rooftop...

... which is a dead end. Uh oh. You'll have to fight your way out.

Monomind Security Brute

The first boss in Jack Move consists of a Monomind Security Brute and a pair of normal Monomind Security guys. You'll take some heavy damage right at the start, but you can quickly dispatch the two Monomind Security units by Caching your turn, then using Glitch to blow each of them away. Getting rid of the Monomind Security will push the Security Brute into a Roid Rage, and his weak attack will become quite a bit stronger. Still, with only one straightforward enemy in your way you shouldn't have too much trouble blasting the Brute to pieces. Heal whenever you get near 50 or so health.

(Since you know the fight is coming, you can also just save a Jack Move for this fight and use it to immediately annihilate the two Monomind Security guys, as well as heavily damage the Brute.)

Defeating the Brute and his buddies won't completely get Noa out of trouble, but a timely rescue on Ryder's part escorts her out of harm's way. You'll wind up in the friendlier parts of Bright Town next, namely Noa's Neighbourhood.

Main Walkthrough