Part 26: Poké Ball Factory

Main Walkthrough

Route 15: Brun Way Pokémon

  • Floatzel - Uncommon, Surfing
  • Foongus - Uncommon, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Foongus (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Klefki - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Klefki (Horde) - Rare
  • Liepard - Common, Tall Grass / Flowers - Pokémon Y only
  • Lombre - Common, Surfing
  • Mightyena - Common, Tall Grass / Flowers - Pokémon X only
  • Murkrow (Horde) - Common
  • Pawniard - Rare, Tall Grass / Uncommon, Flowers
  • Skorupi - Uncommon, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Watchog - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers

Route 15 Fishing

  • Basculin - Common (Good Rod)
  • Poliwag - Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
  • Poliwhirl - Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
With Team Flare trounced once again you can leave Laverre City through its southeastern gate and plod out onto Route 15. There's a fair amount of variety in the Pokémon you'll come across while traversing Route 15, though you'll see Dark-types more often than anything else. Fighting-, Bug-, and Fairy-type moves will get you through much of the competition.

Route 15 comes off as a bit maze-like, but it's not so bad. Start by going south, past the first plot of grass. If you take the left branch in the path a trainer will jump out of the leaves and challenge you. If you keep following the path south it'll eventually take you to a dead end with a lump of leaves. Walk through it to reveal a Revive.

Pokémon Ranger Silas
  • Quagsire, level 39
  • Beartic, level 39
Reward: 3,120 P

Backtrack to the main path and go east until you see a trainer. North of her is a clump of leaves you can plow through to find a Net Ball.

Hex Maniac Luna
  • Chimecho, level 40
Reward: 1,280 P

Hop the ledge northeast of Luna to find a Leppa Berry tree. Check the wall on the left side of the tree for an Antidote. Hop the ledge south of the tree to find a trainer, hiding in the leaves. There's another trainer hiding in the leaves near the water to the east, as well.

Pokémon Ranger Dean
  • Watchog, level 37
  • Seadra, level 39
  • Swoobat, level 38
Reward: 3,120 P

Pokémon Ranger Keith
  • Gabite, level 41
Reward: 3,280 P

Hop in the water and Surf north. On the right side at the end of this small path is a PP Up. The left leads back to the Leppa Berry tree. Check under the pile of leaves before jumping over the ledge to find a hidden Tiny Mushroom. You'll still need a Dowsing Machine to find it.

Return to the main path. Check to the west before you cross the bridge over the water. There's another trainer hiding over here. To the left of him, hidden in a pile of leaves, is a Dire Hit.

Pokémon Ranger Pedro
  • Vileplume, level 41
Reward: 3,280 P

Status effects! Stun Spore as an Ability is very annoying if you don't kill it quickly. Go for a Fire- or Flying-type move for good results, so long as you aren't using physical attacks that will trigger Stun Spore. Psychic is also nice since you'll almost never use physical attacks.

Cross the bridge and head south along the banks of the water. There's a thin path that will lead you west, over some hopping stones. At the end of this path is a Full Heal. Return to the main road and check out the ruins just north of the two trainers watching the road. You can bust the cracked wall in the north with Rock Smash to get at a Protein behind the ruins. You can now either take on the two trainers or use the flower bed in the ruins to avoid them completely.

Mysterious Sisters Rune & Rime
  • Drifblim, level 40
  • Floette, level 40
Reward: 2,560 P

There's a bridge to the east. Hop in the water beside the bridge and sail south. You'll find a bland stretch of land. Check the very bottom of it for a hidden Pretty Wing. Sail back to the path and you'll get a quick message from Lysandre on the other side. Listen to his short rant, then go east to find a larger set of ruins. Rock Smash through the wall past the grass patch to find a Macho Brace

Head back to the main path and you'll find a trainer to the south.

Fairy Tale Girl Mahalyn
  • Dedenne, level 37
  • Aromatisse, level 39
Reward: 1,248 P

The path splits in three to the east of Mahalyn. Go north, into the ruins. There's a trainer waiting at the entrance.

Hex Maniac Carrie
  • Litwick, level 38
  • Duosion, level 38
Reward: 1,216 P

A little ways in you'll find the entrance to the Lost Hotel, an optional area that we'll visit after heading to the next town. Don't miss out on the hidden X Defense on the broken floor just above the stairs down to the Lost Hotel. On the east end you'll come to the gate leading to Dendemille Town, your next destination and a good place to heal up.

(While you're wandering around the ruins of the Lost Hotel you'll get some false positives from the Dowsing Machine. You can't get this item on your first trip, so don't waste your time trying to track it down.)

Return Trip

Use Waterfall on the waterfall near the end of Route 15, just north of the last bridge. You can get at the waterfall by Rock Smashing through a wall in the ruins to the left of the waterfall. At the top of the waterfall you'll find a Stone Plate and an HP Up, the latter hidden in a rock.

Part 28: Dendemille Town

Main Walkthrough