Located at the end of UNDERWATER HIGHWAY, THE ABYSS is another dungeon that's locked to the OMORI ROUTE. To gain access to THE ABYSS you must first reach ONE DAY LEFT, then speak to THE HITCHHIKER who appears on the far west end of UNDERWATER HIGHWAY. He'll shuttle you off to THE ABYSS.

The first area of THE ABYSS is a narrow corridor, surrounded by blackness - and floating in that blackness are the HANGMAN letters you've been collecting over the course of OMORI. In order to progress any further you'll need to gather all 26 letters of the alphabet. Otherwise, this is just a dead end. (Fortunately, the Z is sitting at the dead end, so that's one down.)

Walk through the northern wall once you have all 26 letters. You'll find a ladder leading down one level, and past this point you'll start running into enemies, though nothing you've not seen before. Follow the path east until you see a CHEESEBURGER on your right, then swing south. There's a WATERMELON JUICE on your left, and the path continues to the right. Further south is a RAIN CLOUD and another ladder.

The path splits in several directions on the next floor:

  • The ladder to the left of the entrance will take you up to a WHOLE PIZZA.
  • A short walk west of this second ladder is CONFETTI. North of the CONFETTI is an AIR HORN.
  • Northeast of the entrance to this floor is a ladder that will take you to the next floor.

Things start to get a bit darker ahead, and the enemies turn into ???s. Avoid them if you can, as they don't offer any EXP, CLAMS, or items when defeated. The path splits again:

  • To the right from the entrance is the HITCHHIKER, who can take you back to DEEP WELL if you want. You'll keep seeing him as you trek through THE ABYSS. Go up the ladder near him to find SPAGHETTI and a LIFE JAM.
  • To the left from the entrance is another ladder. It'll take you up to an S.BERRY SMOOTHIE.
  • South of the entrance and in the far southwest corner of these connected tunnels you'll find a COMBO MEAL.
  • South of the entrance and on your left is a ladder. It leads up to THE HITCHIKER, again, and to the next area.

THE ABYSS gets quite maze-like and confusing from this point on, as there are many teleporters in the tunnels ahead. Let's take it one step at a time:

  • Wander northeast from the ladder until you reach an intersection. There are two teleporters ahead. Hop on the one to the south. After weaving through several rooms you'll eventually be taken to a SNO-CONE, sitting at a dead end.
  • Return to the intersection and use the northern teleporter. You'll shortly wind up at another north-south teleporter junction. Hop on the northern teleporter first to wind up beside some WATERMELON JUICE, then backtrack and use the southern teleporter.
  • Next you'll wind up at another juncture point, this one with a skeleton strapped to the wall. Go north of here to find a BASEBALL CAP, the use the teleporter to the northeast. This will put you on a path that will eventually bring you to a PAPER BAG.
  • Return to the room with the first skeleton and hop on the teleporter to the west. You'll wind up in the small room with another skeleton - check it for a very creepy text box - and a second teleporter on the right. This will bring you to the final section of tunnels, where you'll find a ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder you'll find a save point. Use it, as trouble's just around the corner.


Yikes. Consisting of four TENTACLES and ABBI herself (itself?), this battle gets pretty rough, real fast. ABBI herself only has a few attacks and doesn't hit very hard, but she's capable of making her whole team ANGRY, which raises their attack power. The TENTACLES are the real threat, and are capable of striking your characters, debuffing them, and making them AFRAID, locking out your SKILLS until you change EMOTIONS. You can destroy the TENTACLES, but ABBI will summon in more to defend herself.

If you visited LOST LIBRARY and got any of OMORI'S advanced SKILLS this battle isn't so bad. Just pick one of them and batter the entire enemy side, over and over, until they're dead. Otherwise, you'll need to remove AFRAID from your party - making everyone HAPPY is a good choice, since the TENTACLES will wind up ANGRY - and take out at least a few of the TENTACLES, just so you're not getting battered five times in one turn, every turn. Bring your opponents down to two or three and the fight becomes much more manageable. The number of times you're getting hit also ensures that your ENERGY will rise quickly, and OMORI'S RELEASE ENERGY move is great for inflicting a ton of damage on the entire enemy party.

Once the battle is over ABBI will beg your forgiveness, and tell you of eight tentacles, spread across HEADSPACE, where she will make 'offerings' to the party. You now have the choice to forgive her... or not. If you forgive ABBI you can track down the tentacles (you've already seen most of them by now) and receive some truly excellent equipment. If you decide not to forgive ABBI, you'll earn ABBI'S EYE instead, and once you leave THE ABYSS you won't be able to come back.


Assuming you forgave ABBI - which is recommended, as you get eight great items rather than one - you'll need to go looking for her red tentacles. They're in the following locations throughout HEADSPACE:

  • The first tentacle is in NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, the gathering place for AUBREY, KEL, and HERO when they're not with OMORI, just outside WHITE SPACE. It'll give you the BASEBALL BAT, AUBREY'S ultimate weapon.
  • The second tentacle is on the shoreline leading to FOGGY BRIDGE in VAST FOREST, not far from the TRAIN STATION. It'll give you the BASKETBALL, KEL'S ultimate weapon.
  • The third tentacle is just west of DINO'S DIG in ORANGE OASIS, a short trip north of the PLUTO'S SPACELINE station. It'll give you a CHEF'S HAT, a CHARM that restores a bit of JUICE every turn.
  • The fourth tentacle is in CATTAIL FIELD in OTHERWORLD. Head to the ladder where you first ascended to OTHERWORLD, then head one screen west. The tentacle is waiting nearby. It'll give you a HEADBAND, a CHARM that raises every stat.

  • The fifth tentacle is by WEEPING WILLOW'S pond in PYREFLY FOREST, west of the entrance to the area from VAST FOREST. It'll give you a COUGH MASK, another CHARM that raises every stat.
  • The sixth tentacle is in SWEETHEART'S CASTLE, specifically THE DUNGEON. Check the hole in the left cell, northeast corner of THE DUNGEON, to find a torture chamber. The tentacle is on your left as you enter. It'll give you the RED KNIFE, OMORI'S ultimate weapon.
  • The seventh tentacle is on UNDERWATER HIGHWAY. You'll find it just past the third TOLL GATOR booth, before you reach the screen that leads to THE ABYSS and DEEPER WELL. It'll give you OL' RELIABLE, HERO'S ultimate weapon.
  • The eighth and final tentacle is on SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN. If you take PLUTO'S SPACELINE there, head south, down from MARI'S picnic, to the lower path. Head east and you'll see a small, frozen pond. The tentacle is beside the pond. It'll give you a PRETTY BOW, a CHARM that increases several stats.