An optional area, SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN is exclusive to the OMORI ROUTE. In order to enter SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN to first need to find the place:

  • Make it to ONE DAY LEFT in the OMORI ROUTE. This means completing the vast majority of the game, then returning to HEADSPACE. Once you can freely roam HEADSPACE you're ready for SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN.
  • Go to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE and check out the SPACE PIRATE SHIP. CAPT. SPACEBOY has run off, and his father, PINKBEARD, wants you to track him down. Another pirate delivers BATTERIES while you're speaking to PINKBEARD. Make sure to pick them up before you leave.
  • Head to FROZEN LAKE. It's connected to OTHERWORLD LAKE, two screens east of OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE. Enter the igloo and use the BATTERIES on the electronic fish that's hanging on the wall. When it finishes singing a nearby trap door will pop open. Below it is a teleporter that will take you to SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN.


Immediately upon arrival you'll find the G key for HANGMAN. Go up the ladder and you'll find a JOKE, as well as a bunch more singing fish. Leave the igloo... and it is an igloo... and you'll be in a vast snow field with little on it besides trees. Run in any direction and you'll be teleported to SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN once you reach the edge of the map. If you perform a rough zig-zag towards the northeast corner of the map from the igloo you'll find the Y HANGMAN key along the way. (And if your zig-zags were insufficient, just go to the northeast corner and then zig-zag to the southwest. It's not far.)

SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN is patrolled by some new baddies who will happily try to eat / stab your party:

  • SNOW ANGEL - Makes your characters steadily more HAPPY, then pierces its targets' hearts. The HAPPIER the target is, the more damage they'll take. Use your strongest attacks off the bat to end these fights quickly.
  • SNOW BUNNY - Can hit one or all of your characters. Should be pretty easy to defeat by the time you reach this area.
  • SNOW PILE - Can buff itself and debuff your characters while doing damage. Is a bit more dangerous once it's buffed, so consider taking these on first.

SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN is a bit odd in that the whole thing loops as you move from side to side, so going all the way east, for example, will loop you back around to the west after a short walk. There are still some things to see on each level of the mountain, however:

  • FIRST LEVEL: To the west of the main path you'll find a cave. Inside is a TENDERIZER that makes HERO a much more potent attacker. He'll also learn TENDERIZE, a solid attack move.
  • SECOND LEVEL: There's a ladder just north of the path. At the top you'll find a LIFE JAM and a SNOWBALL for KEL, and he'll learn SNOWBALL. To the left of the path you'll see a crack in the snow, and stepping on it will drop you into the chamber where you found the TENDERIZER.
  • THIRD LEVEL: Just west of the stairs is another crack in the ground. Stepping on it will, again, drop you into the chamber where you found the TENDERIZER. At the top of the ladder near the path you'll find three gleaming snowflakes, and interacting them will give you a one-time boost to your HEART, your JUICE, your CLAMS, or your EXP. You'll keep seeing these further up the mountain, though the bonuses are so small that you needn't worry too much about looking for them all.

  • FOURTH LEVEL: Standing up here is TREVOR, who appears to be enjoying a SNO-CONE from the nearby SNO-CONE MACHINE. You can use the SNO-CONE TICKET sitting in the snow to the east to buy yourself one. There are two more cracks leading to that stupid TENDERIZER cave up here, so watch your step. Inside the cave on the fourth level of the mountain you'll find a GLASS BOTTLE and a PINEAPPLE JUICE.
  • FIFTH LEVEL: Up the ladder to the left of the entry point is one of MARI'S picnic blankets, and you can have a somber conversation with BASIL if you picnic here. Up the ladder behind MARI is a PLUTO'S SPACELINE station. East of the station you'll find a MELON SMOOTHIE, as well as a SNOWGLOBE with memories of the past. Poke around the lower level again and you'll find a ladder to a small, frozen pond, beside which is a SNO-CONE TICKET.

Once you reach the fifth level the looping stops as the mountain narrows. Keep following the path and you'll find a RAIN CLOUD, behind a SNOWGLOBE, as well as a mirror and a telescope further up the path. You'll also find a cave, inside which is a COMPUTER PART. Slide along the ice in the cave (it's barely a puzzle, despite how it looks) and you'll find a face in the upper-left wall that AUBREY can bash open. Inside are JAM PACKETS.

Outside the icy cave you'll find a stark, white snow field, and it's populated - and patrolled - entirely by SNOW ANGELS. You can attack or avoid them as you see fit, though if you want to look around you might have trouble avoiding them (and if you get caught by one, you'll likely have to battle several). There's a COMBO MEAL, a SNO-CONE TICKET, and some DYNAMITE in the snow field.

Skim the north and you'll find a ladder leading up to a cave. There's another ice floor puzzle inside, though like the last one it's pretty simple: Climb down the left-most ladder, slide south, slide right, slide up, push the present to the right, slide right, slide up, slide left, and slide up. Easy peasy.

... alas, the next one is... worse. There are far more sliding presents in your way. Slide south from the ladder, go right, and... oh. The exit is straight north. Well, that was easy. (Clearly the developers of OMORI don't like these puzzles.)

You'll emerge at the top of the mountain. Use the MARI picnic blanket to heal up, save, and perhaps enjoy a frigid picnic, then make the final trek. Your quarry is waiting at the top.


Good lord, what a drama king. Your second battle with SPACE EX-HUSBAND is much trickier than the first, as he is now only susceptible to significant amounts of damage when he's feeling an EMOTION. SPACE EX-HUSBAND provides hints as to which EMOTION will be effective every couple of turns:

  • If SPACE EX-HUSBAND mentions throwing away his SPECIAL MIXTAPE, weeping, or holding a picture of SWEETHEART, you'll need to make him SAD to inflict damage. Once he's SAD SPACE EX-HUSBAND can sing to drain the party's JUICE, as well as make everyone SAD.
  • If SPACE EX-HUSBAND mentions kissing, staring at the night sky, or gazing into SWEETHEART'S eyes, you'll need to make him HAPPY to inflict damage. Once he's HAPPY SPACE EX-HUSBAND can sing to make everyone HAPPY, and uses a spinning kick attack to inflict heavy damage on a single target.
  • If SPACE EX-HUSBAND mentions SWEETHEART attacking him, SWEETHEART in another man's arms, or SWEETHEART throwing things, you'll need to make him ANGRY to inflict damage. Once he's ANGRY SPACE EX-HUSBAND can sing to make everyone ANGRY, and will fire at the party at random four times.

If you fail to use the correct EMOTION you'll need to wait until SPACE EX-HUSBAND'S next memory before you can try again.

Use debuff items and SKILLS while SPACE EX-HUSBAND is emotionless to deaden his stats, then have your fastest character (likely KEL) use either one of his SKILLS or an appropriate TOY to match SPACE EX-HUSBAND'S current mood. Once he changes EMOTIONS you'll have a few turns to inflict as much damage as you can on him before he settles down again. Once he does, heal up your party, go on the defensive for a bit, and wait for your next opportunity. SPACE EX-HUSBAND hits hard, but as long as your characters are in at least the mid 30s surviving his attacks shouldn't be too difficult.

Trouncing SPACE EX-HUSBAND will earn you an achievement, and bring CAPT. SPACEBOY back to his senses. (Kinda.) He'll give you a WEDDING RING as thanks for your help, and leave you to get back down SNOWGLOBE MOUNTAIN on your own. What a jerk. Follow him back to OTHERWORLD CAMPSITE and you can watch him get upbraided (lovingly) by his dad, ending their side quest.