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Part Eighteen: Alexandria and Treno

Main Walkthrough


- Zidane wakes up in Lindblum on his own at this point. Have a look around the room to find chests containing an Elixir and an Egoists' Armlet. Check in with the Moogle, Mogki, for a letter to Moodon. Once Blank shows up, ask about Dagger to leave the room.

- An ATE, Something Washed Ashore, triggers in the next room. Oh, Quina. Head to the upper floors of Lindblum Castle and check for Dagger on the roof, by the telescope. This triggers the ATE My Bad. Go back downstairs and enter the royal chambers - upper floor first, then lower - to trigger a string of cut scenes. Once you regain control, head back to the guest room for another scene.

- Next you need to find three Potions to fix up Regent Cid. This will take you into Lindblum on a scavenger hunt. The Potions are in the following places:
  • The Unusual Potion is in the possession of Cinna, whom, the ATE My Hammer reveals, is at  Tantalus HQ in the Theater District. Check the chests in the HQ for 1,273 gil, 970 gil, and 4,826 gil.
  • The Beautiful Potion is held by Alice, a woman in white in the Business District. She's standing near the Weapons and Armor Shop.
  • The Strange Potion is in the home of Michael, the artist in the Theater District. Check the far-left table. The chest in this room also contains a Lapis Lazuli.
You should accomplish the following while you're in Lindblum, as well:
  • You may have a letter for Moodon, the Moogle at the Inn, from Mogki.
  • Check the far left side of the intersection between the market and the main street of the Business District. The Sagittarius Stellazzio is hidden near a yappy supervisor.
  • The home at this same intersection, in the north, has chests containing an Elixir and a Remedy.
  • There are a few new items to be bought in the Business District.

- Head back to the Castle's royal chambers to discover that, yeah, the whole side quest was a wasted effort. Alas. The No Free Lunch ATE triggers after the meeting. Once it's done, head to the Base Level of Lindblum Castle and take the left trolley to the Serpent's Gate. Check the chest on the trolley platform for a Chimera Armlet, then head out to the ship on the dock.

- At this point you gain control of the Blue Narciss, a sailing ship that will allow you to freely navigate the seas of Gaia. You'll also regroup your party, throwing Quina back into the mix. Return to the Blue Narciss and speak to Cid to change your party members. A word of warning, however! At this point in the game Dagger is paralyzed with confusion, and she'll be nigh useless in combat because there's a chance she'll whiff her turns. She's not a good choice for your active party until she regains her voice.


The Blue Narciss doesn't open up the entire world, but it does let you go places you could never touch previously. Here are some of the things you can do now that you have the power of sail on your side:
  • In the southwest corner of the world map you'll find a chain of small islands. One of these islands has Chocobo tracks where you can summon Choco. Assuming you've upgraded Choco to the point where he can cross shallow water, you can walk between these islands to get at a small cave on a larger island to the south. Inside is Chocobo's Lagoon, the second dig site in the Chocobo Hot & Cold minigame.
  • This same chain of islands has a Qu's Forest where you can farm frogs. Not much more than that.
  • Related to Chocobo Hot & Cold, if you manage to turn Choco red so he can cross mountains you can climb to the upper section of South Gate, far to the east of Lindblum. Here you'll find a chest that Steiner couldn't fetch on his own much earlier in the game. It contains an Elixir Card.
  • Also related to Chocobo Hot & Cold, you can climb up to Alexandria with a red Choco. The city has been greatly reduced, but there's still stuff to see. Check the rubble across from the former item shop for an Ether, a little girl running around the market for an Alexandria Card, behind the southwestern house in the market for an Amethyst, Ruby's mini-theatre for 2,680 gil on the floor, the rubble in front of Alexandria Castle for a Sapphire, the stone column to the left of the boat n front of the Castle for an Opal, and the rubble previously leading to the dungeon of the Castle for a Peridot.
  • In the northwest corner of the map you'll find an icy island, and on it a small settlement called Esto Gaza. Inside you can find plenty of people wandering around, talking about a 'Shimmering Isle' of sorts. Check inside for a vendor, and look behind and to the right of the vendor's desk for a hidden Wing Edge.

- Once you're done looking about the world, head to the northeastern continent and debark near the Black Mage Village. Black Mage No. 288 is by the grave site in the west, talking with Vivi. Watch this scene, then follow Vivi to the Chocobo shack in the east for another scene. Now you'll know where to go.

- Don't leave too fast. Now that the item shop has been vacated you can climb the ladder behind the desk. It will take you up to the bed on the second floor, and if you hop on the bed you'll get a Black Belt.

Part Twenty: Oeilvert

Main Walkthrough