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Part Twelve: Alexandria Castle

Main Walkthrough

After the debacle in Alexandria Castle your team will wind up in a green, somewhat swampy place called Pinnacle Rocks, and an old, floating man named Ramuh will appear. Ramuh is an Eidolon, and he offers himself as a Summon for Dagger - though she needs to complete a test to gain his power.

This area is completely optional, and you can leave immediately if you like. You can easily get an item that will allow you to Summon Ramuh later. If you want to get his powers now, though, read on.

Ramuh has a puzzle for you. He tells a story, and throughout Pinnacle Rocks there are five phantasmal 'parts' of Ramuh, each with a section of the story. You need to find all five of them, then tell the story to Ramuh in the proper order. We'll find them all in this little walkthrough.

Pinnacle Rocks Puzzle

- Head left to start. There's a part of Ramuh hovering here, invisible, and he'll only appear when you approach. He'll tell you the 'Beginning' part of the story. If you go back to the point where you first met Ramuh you'll find another incarnation of the Eidolon - it's directly behind where you start in Pinnacle Rocks - which will tell you the 'Hero' part of the story.

- There's a Moogle named Monty near the starting point. Below and to the left of Monty, down in the water and a little behind the grassy overhead pathway, is a part of Ramuh. He'll tell you the 'Human' part of the story. Check the chest at the bottom of the ramp from Monty for a Mythril Vest.

- Head east one screen, down in the water. There's a chest straight ahead, and hovering in front of it is a Ramuh image. He'll tell you the 'Cooperation' part of the story. The chest contains a The Ogre. If you go south one screen and take a right before heading north again you can find another part of Ramuh; this one tells you the 'Silence' part of the story.

- Head back south. Go up the ramp to your left, then head north along the thin walkways to the north. Cross the bridge to the north, head right, and proceed towards the small cave beneath the path. Just before you get to the cave you can jump down to a chest containing a Mythril Armlet, though you'll have to make your way back up after.

- The ramp to the small cave leads to Ramuh himself, and this is where you need to tell your story. If you want to bug out without completing the sequence, you can also say you give up here and leave the area completely. The story - which is actually only four parts - is as follows:
  • Beginning
  • Cooperation
  • Silence
  • Hero
Completing this little quest will earn you a Peridot. Equip this to Dagger and she'll begin to learn the Ramuh Summon. Similar gems found throughout your journey will teach Dagger more Summons.

- Leave Pinnacle Rocks via the cave to hit an epic cut scene. Ow.

Part Fourteen: Fossil Roo

Main Walkthrough