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Main Walkthrough

Final Fantasy IX is a weird and diverse game, but if there's one constant throughout the entirety of the game it's the Moogles. Providing save game services throughout your journey, the Moogles are a fixture in every town, city, outdoor area, and dungeon you'll ever explore... but saving isn't their only function.

Whenever you speak to a Moogle there's a 'Mognet' option. Mognet is a letter delivery system that allows Moogles to send messages to one another. Mognet seems to have stopped operating, however, and the Moogles will ask you to send letters from one Moogle to the next. You almost never have to go out of your way to do this, as the Moogles typically send their letters to the next save Moogle in line, so you might as well - particularly since there's a quest beyond simple delivery.

Main Quest Letters

The following letters will be collected and delivered throughout the bulk of Final Fantasy IX. Their delivery may or may not contribute to the overall quest, though given that they flow along with the plot, you might as well deliver them all.
  • Kupo (Alexandria, church steeple) to Monty (Evil Forest, spring)
  • Mois (Ice Cavern) to Gumo (Dali, Inn)
  • Kumop (Dali, underground) to Mogki (Lindblum Castle, guest room)
  • Mogki (Lindblum Castle, guest room) to Atla (Burmecia)
  • Grimo (South Gate) to Nazna (Summit Station)
  • Nazna (Summit Station) to Mochos (Gargan Roo)
  • Atla (Burmecia) to Monev (Cleyra's Trunk)
  • Mopli (Cleyra, entrance) to Serino (Red Rose)
  • Serino (Red Rose) to Moodon (Lindblum, Inn)
  • Mosh (Alexandria, church steeple) to Monty (Pinnacle Rocks)
  • Moodon (Lindblum, Inn) to Moonte (Lindblum, Dragon's Gate)
  • Kuppo (Fossil Roo, mining site mini game) to Kupo (Alexandria, church steeple)
  • Mogmatt (Conde Petie, Item Shop) to Suzuna (Conde Petie Mountain Path)
  • Mogryo (Black Mage Village, Chocobo shack) to Mocchi (Iifa Tree)
  • Mogki (Lindblum Castle, guest room) to Moodon (Lindblum, Inn)
  • Mimoza (Oeilvert, entrance) to Mooel (Oeilvert, east wing)
  • Mojito (Desert Palace, prison) to Mogsam (Desert Palace, library)
  • Mogrika (Esto Gaza) to Moolan (Mount Gulug)
  • Moolan (Mount Gulug) to Mogtaka (Mount Gulug)
  • Mogki (Lindblum Castle, guest room) to Kumool (Ipsen's Castle)
  • Moorock (Bran Bal) Mozme (Pandemonium)

Disc Four Letters

Before you proceed with the rest of the Mognet quest you'll want to locate Mognet Central, the hub of Moogle delivery services. Mognet Central is on a thin island just north of the northeastern continent, Madain Sari. You can land there with an airship if you like, but you need a red Chocobo to actually access Mognet Central, which is hidden behind a crack on one of the mountains on the east end of the island. You'll need to use a Dead Pepper on Choco, your mount, to bust into the crack and discover the location. More on how to do that in the Chocobo Hot & Cold article. (Coming soon.)

Whether you've found Mognet Central yet or not, the remaining letters can only be delivered after returning to Gaia, following the events in Terra. If you're playing the original version of Final Fantasy IX, this is on the fourth disc of the game.
  • Kupo (Alexandria, church steeple) to Atla (Burmecia)
  • Atla (Burmecia) to Mogyro (Black Mage Village, Chocobo shack)
  • Mogryo (Black Mage Village, Chocobo shack) to Kumool (Ipsen's Castle)
  • Kumool (Ipsen's Castle) to Mois (Qu's Marsh, Fossil Roo entrance)
  • Mois (Fossil Roo) to Noggy (Daguerreo, Synthesis Shop)
  • Noggy (Daguerreo, Synthesis Shop) to Kupo (Alexandria, church steeple)
After you've delivered the last of the letters, head over to Alexandria's mini-theatre and speak to Ruby. She'll give you some Superslick. Take this to Mognet Central to repair the problem and Artemecion, the purple delivery Moogle who caused all the trouble, will give you a Protect Ring.

Kupo Nuts

During your first visit to Lindblum Vivi will receive a Kupo Nut during one of his ATEs. This Kupo Nut will later be stolen by a Moogle, Moguta, while you're exploring Gizamaluke's Grotto. Moguta will take up residence in one of the back rooms of the Grotto, near the bell he knocked over, and if you bring him more Kupo Nuts he'll give you items. The items you get include:
  • Elixir (first Kupo Nut given, after Lindblum is conquered by Alexandria)
  • Extension (after returning from the Lost Continent but before heading to Terra)
  • Aloha Shirt (any time after returning from Terra)
  • Phoenix Pinion
  • Tent
  • Ether
You can get more Kupo Nuts by delivering more letters from that point onward, though you can only hold one Kupo Nut at a time. You can more easily make deliveries to Moguta by landing on the mountain range above Gizamaluke's Grotto and entering through the forest, as this will take you straight down to Moguta and his family.

Main Walkthrough