Any story dealing with a hideous, bloated corporation will inevitably feature one poor slob who hates his job, and in Stardew Valley that slob is Shane. Abrasive and insular, Shane initially shows no interest whatsoever in getting to know newcomers to Pelican Town - but if you remain persistent he will, eventually, warm up to you.

Also, I'm pretty sure he's the guy players most want to see become romanceable. DLC?


Shane lives on Marnie’s Ranch, in the upper-right room, though you’ll almost never see him there. He spends most of his time at his job, at the local JojaMart, and at the Stardrop Saloon. If you don’t catch him at either of these places, you’ll invariably find him wandering from one to the other, or back to Marnie’s Ranch. He rooms with his aunt, Marnie, and his cousin, Jas.

Shane wears a uniform while he’s working at JojaMart, so it’s easy to tell by his Social tab entry whether he’s at work or not. You cannot speak to Shane while he’s on the clock. You can still give him gifts, however.

Shane’s birthday is on the 20th of Spring. Catching him on this day is a good way to get into his good books early, as he’s quite hostile to your farmer from the outset.

Likes and Dislikes

Shane is absolutely enthusiastic about typical pub food, so if you bring him Beer, Hot Peppers, Pizza, and / or Pepper Poppers he’ll receive you kindly. He also tends to like any animal-grown items, so you’ll get a happy reception if you give him Milk, Eggs, Cheese, and / or Mayonnaise.

Given his unhealthy lifestyle, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Shane doesn’t like virtually any crops you’re likely to grow, and he’s not too partial to flowers. Mined rocks don’t seem to go over all that well with him, either.


Shane’s schedule is, as far as I’ve seen, nigh-identical every day of the game. He leaves Marnie’s Ranch at 7 am, arrives at JojaMart at 9 am, leaves work at 5 am, and then heads to the Stardrop Saloon for the rest of the night. He won’t leave until 11 pm, at which point he heads back to Marnie’s Ranch. His predictable routing makes him easy to intercept each day, so long as you catch him before or after work.

Special Events
  • When you reach two or more hearts of affection you can see Shane in a small cut scene by Marnie’s Ranch. You can only get this scene at night, presumably as he’s headed home (after 12).
  • When you reach three hearts Shane will start sending you recipes in the mail. So far I’ve received the Strange Bun and Pepper Poppers recipes from Shane.
  • When you reach four hearts Shane may also begin sending you items in the mail. So far I’ve received a Pizza and Pepper Poppers from him.
  • When you reach three / four hearts Shane will also address you differently when you speak to him, and will drop his bad attitude.
  • At seven hearts you'll see a cut scene with Shane, Clint, and Emily when you enter the Pelican Town map. I'm pretty sure it happens during the day.