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Main Walkthrough

Party! Summer’s the time for grooving out, and the big celebration for grooving in Stardew Valley is the Luau. Taking place on the 11th of Summer, the Luau is a pretty easy-going holiday - and it gives you a chance to meet a new NPC, as well. You’ll get a letter one day before the festival, warning you that it’s coming up.

The Luau takes place at the beach at 9 am. This makes it one of the less restrictive festivals, as you can wander through Pelican Town unrestricted, but you’ll still find the businesses and houses closed for the day.


Everyone turns out for the Luau, but there’s very little to actually do here besides toss a food item into the giant potluck stew pot. The Governor of the region, who dropped by for the occasion, will then test the stew and offer his appraisal of the taste. You’re recommended to bring high-quality produce to throw in; this includes all of the food items you can grow on your farm, as well as foraged items and some artisanal goods, such as Wine.

Speak to Mayor Lewis to start the taste test. The mayor’s appraisal varies based on what you added to the stew. You don’t actually get anything for making the Luau a success, unfortunately - you might get some affection with Lewis, but I’m not positive about that. Either way, the day’s over after the taste-testing, and you’ll jump back to your house at 10 pm.

Main Walkthrough