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The wilting flower, the strict schoolteacher the book lover, the brainiac, the consummate nerd. All of these things could be used to describe Penny, one of the ten single folks whom you can romance in Stardew Valley. But could Penny have another side, a wild side, that you can draw out with patience, and care, and some bawdiness...?

Not really. She makes a good wife, though. Great Pancakes.


Penny lives in the Trailer on the east side of Pelican Town, alongside her mother, Pam. Penny is a friendly but melancholy girl, and if you speak to her often enough you may discover she's a little down on life. Perhaps she doesn't like living in a trailer? Probably so. Most of the time when you see her she'll be instructing her two young students, Jas and Vincent, or reading a book.

Penny's birthday is on the 2nd of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

Penny has a fairly well-rounded list of likes, and she's more earthy than you might think. She has a tendency to like plants, and enjoys Melons, Poppies, Corn, and the majority of flowers you might forage throughout the seasons. Milk and Honey go over well, as do several dishes, particularly Red Plates and Roots Platters. She'll accept just about any gem you throw her way, though Emeralds and Diamonds seem to be her favourites.

Penny dislikes the things you'd expect most people to dislike, so don't give her Stones, or Cave Carrots, or Clay, or... you know, most of the trash you'd just pick up off of the ground. She particularly dislikes anything associated with alcohol, such as Beer, Pale Ale, or any of the Wines. This may have something to do with her mother.


Penny's schedule varies a bit between days and seasons, though she has some relatively predictable patterns:
  • On nice days in Spring she starts either between some trees near the graveyard (9 am) or, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Jas and Vincent at the Library (around 10 am). She spends the rest of her days either escorting the kids home or hanging out at the Trailer / central Pelican Town. She goes to the Library whenever the weather is bad. Expect Penny to turn in early, as her Trailer is closed by 8 pm each day.
  • Her Summers aren't much different from her Springs, though Penny seems to enjoy wandering up along the river by JojaMart to stare at the water early in the day (9 am-ish). On weekends she sometimes takes Jas and Vincent to the fields south of Marnie's Ranch. 
  • Penny's Falls are spent more or less the same as her Springs, from what I've seen, though her days with Jas and Vincent in the library seem to be on Wednesdays and Fridays instead. She'll also take them to the park in the northeast of Pelican Town around 12 pm.
  • Penny's Winters don't vary much from the norm, though around midday (3 - 4ish) she can sometimes be found sitting on the bench near the graveyard, rather than between the two trees.
Unlike many other members of Pelican Town, Penny will never enter the Saloon. Don't bother looking for her there. Again, mother issues.

If you marry Penny you'll find her at your house in the morning, though she still heads to town to teach Jas and Vincent several days of the week.

Special Events
  • At two hearts you can catch a scene between Penny and George during the day in central Pelican Town. 
  • At four hearts you can watch a scene between Pam and Penny in their trailer, though Pam can't already be in the trailer for it to trigger. I find this happens on days when Penny is not working with Jas and Vincent, before 5 pm (when Pam heads to the Saloon).
  • At six hearts you can get a scene with Penny in her trailer. Again, pop in there during the day, on days when she's not working with Jas and Vincent.
  • At eight hearts you can get a scene with Penny near Marnie's Ranch, during the early afternoon. Check the area before she's escorting Jas and Vincent home for the day. Say you want kids to push a romance with Penny forward.
  • At ten hearts, assuming the romance is still ongoing, you'll get a letter from Penny asking you to meet her at the Spa at 10 pm that night. This will cement your relationship and allow you to marry Penny once you have a Mermaid's Pendant.
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