This quest triggers on the 6th of Winter, and, per usual, you’ll get it in your mailbox. Clint, the blacksmith, wants you to go find a specific gemstone for Emily, the waitress at the Stardrop Saloon: an Amethyst.

Though Amethyst aren’t incredibly difficult to find, they’re not just laying around the Valley, either. To find one you’ll have to enter the Mines, in the northeast of Pelican Town, and search through the many levels. You can find an Amethyst on pretty much any level, so you shouldn’t have to go too deep before you run into one. There are a few ways to get an Amethyst:
  • Kill monsters. They may drop the stone.
  • Bash open crates. Again, you may get an Amethyst drop.
  • Smash rocks. You specifically want to look for any rocks with purple crystals jutting out the sides. These contain Amethyst every time. They’re more likely to spawn on the first thirty or so levels than elsewhere in the Mines.
Once you have your Amethyst, take it to Emily. She lives at 2 Willow Lane, in the south of Pelican Town, and will come out of her bedroom around 10 am each day. If you don’t find her here you’ll probably locate her at the Stardrop Saloon, near the centre of town, where she works in the evenings.

Delivering the Amethyst will earn you a big jump in affection from Emily, who loves these stones. (Clint doesn’t seem as pleased, but he won’t hold it against you, either.)