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Main Walkthrough

You’ll trigger this quest on the 19th of Fall. Check your mail and you’ll find a letter from Pam, who’s having trouble with her remote control. She needs you to bring her a Battery Pack so she can return to her channel surfing.

Getting a Battery Pack is a two-step process:
  • First you’ll need a Lightning Rod. You need an Iron Bar, a Refined Quartz, and five Bat Wings to create a Lightning Rod. Iron Ores and Quartzes can be collected from the Mines and turned into the necessary Bars via Furnaces; Bat Wings are dropped by Bats, also in the Mines.
  • Second, you’ll need a lightning storm. Set up your Lightning Rod and wait for the weather to turn foul. Once it does you’ll find a Battery Pack sitting in the Lightning Rod the next day. You’re most likely to get storms during Spring, though they can pop up in Fall as well.
Take the Battery Pack to Pam once it’s in your hands. Pam lives in the Trailer in the east of Pelican Town, and during the day can be found either there or, sometimes, at Pierre’s General Store. (If you’ve repaired the bus she’ll be at the Bus Stop near your farm from 10 am ’til 5 pm each day instead.) The rest of the night she spends at the Stardrop Saloon. Pam will give you 400 gold for the Battery Pack.

Main Walkthrough