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You’ll trigger this quest on the 15th of Summer in your second year. Kent, the soldier husband of Jodi, wants to present his wife with a Starfruit for their anniversary. If you haven’t been exploring that much, you may wonder ‘What the heck is a Starfruit?’

Starfruits are crops - not to be confused with Stardrops, which are so much better - that will only grow during the Summer. They take thirteen days to grow without Fertilizer, which puts you right on the edge the day you get the letter anyway. There’s also the matter of knowing how to get them. As of this writing there I two ways I know of to get Starfruits:
  • The mass-production way to get Starfruits is to gain access to Calico Desert, which requires completing the Vault Bundles (a cumulative 42,500 in gold) or the Joja Community Development Project for the Bus (40,000 gold). Once there, head to Sandy’s Oasis, in the southwest, and you can buy Starfruit Seeds for 400 gold.
  • The more practical way to get a Starfruit Seed is to gather Artifacts and Minerals for the Museum. After contributing fifteen of either Artifacts or Minerals you’ll be given a Seed as a reward. You’ll likely have to make some headway in the Mines for this to work.
Take your Starfruit to Kent once it’s done ripening. He lives at 1 Willow Lane, the southwestern-most home in central Pelican Town, and is usually found either at the house or loitering along the river that runs south of Pelican Town. He’ll give you 500 gold and a jot of affection for your troubles.