The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Inn at the Crossroads
Prerequisites: Complete Imperial Audience
Suggested Level: 5
Reward: XP

- Upon finishing up with the imperials you’ll have to Fast Travel to a new region. Specifically, you’re headed to Velen, the next province over in the region. You’ll get dropped at a signpost called the Hanged Man’s Tree, for… obvious reasons.

- This area’s a fair jump up in difficulty, so for the first little while you may want to stick to the roads. Ride south and east. Along the way to the next waypoint for this quest you’ll pass through the small, relatively unremarkable village of Mulbrydale, and if you stay on the road you can get the quest Funeral Pyres. If you cross a body of water watched by Drowners you’re headed in the right direction.

- Enter the Inn at the Inn at the Crossroads and speak to the Innkeep. Some baddies will show up; if you decide to get nasty you can kill the lot in a fight, or if you want to remain peaceable you can offer them drinks and stay out of trouble. Either way, follow the Innkeep and speak to him to learn about your contract, Hendrick.

- The Innkeep will send you to Heatherton. It’s the next village to the west of the Inn at the Crossroads, and not too long a jaunt on horseback. Nothing to note along the way…

- … but you’ll find a mist over the village when you arrive, and three Rabid Dogs attacking a man. Kill the Dogs off, then chat with the man. A cut scene outlines what happened to turn the place into a ghost town.

- The huts hereabouts have some minor loot, if you care to search, but the only one you need to check is the home with the waypoint inside. Check the body inside to find Hendrik’s Key, secreted inside his boots. Use your Witcher Senses to pinpoint a conspicuous rug one room over, then lift it to find a locked door.

- Below you’ll find a cellar. There’s some decent loot down here, notably 111 gold in a chest, but your primary interest is a candlestick mounted on the wall. Examining it will open a wall nearby that contains a ledger. Read all of the entries to complete the quest, as well as trigger two more: Hunting a Witch and Bloody Baron. You can perform them in either order, but we'll start with Hunting a Witch, as it has a slightly lower suggested level.