The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Visima
Prerequisites: Complete Lilac and Gooseberries
Suggested Level: 2
Reward: None

- This quest begins with a lengthy cut scene where you need to fill in some details, assuming you did not complete The Witcher 2. Every question here relates to a decision in that game. Your choices here will affect later quests, though nothing you say will somehow make or break the game, so choose as you wish. (If it helps at all, not saying you killed / let people die tends to expand later quests a little more.)

- Next you need to choose some clothes for Geralt. Choose whatever set you fancy most and put it on. Before speaking to the Chamberlain, have a quick look around and you can loot a variety of containers for some minor stuff. There are lots of books to loot.

- Next: bowing. Oh lord. Choose the second option to appease the guy, then follow him out of the room. He’ll lead you to the Emperor. You may or may not bow; not bowing is funnier.

- Once the audience is done you’ll wander through the castle apace. There’s stuff to be found if you want to search through containers, particularly in the room that is your destination. Stick with the Chamberlain, and, ultimately, he’ll lead you to Yennefer. A lengthy, kind of awkward conversation follows.

- If you want to learn about current events, speak to the Ambassador in the next room. He has a great deal to share about the lands you’ll be visiting over the course of the game. Otherwise, return to the Chamberlain and speak with him to get your normal clothes back. (You’ll have to reequip everything, alas.) The cut scene will end the quest, as well as net you a new one: The Nilfgaardian Connection. (In truth you get a bunch of quests, but this is the prominent one.)

- One last thing before you take off. There’s a Nobleman sitting in the garden courtyard nearby. He’s one of the Gwent players you need to defeat for the Collect ‘Em All quest. Take him on, beat him - or lose to him, your call - then use the Fast Travel point at the castle entrance to head to your next destination, the Hanged Man’s Tree in Velen.