You’ll trigger this quest automatically on the 20th of Summer, via a letter that arrives in your mailbox. It’s a simple enough request: Demetrius wants a fresh Melon for his research. No big deal.

… except it is. The problem is the timing Demetrius Wants his Melon with only eight days left to go in the season, and it takes twelve days for Melons to ripen. If you get this quest with no forewarning, as well as no Melons already growing, you’ll be pretty much out of luck. There are two ways to get around this:
  • Preempt the request and have Melons growing before Demetrius sends his letter. You can either purchase them from Pierre at 80 gold a Seed or you can win them from Gunther for bringing ten Artifacts / Minerals to his Museum.
  • Wait until next year. The quest will sit in your Journal until then. Once you hit Summer, buy your Melons and grow ‘em until Demetrius makes his request.
Take your Melon to Demetrius once one is fully grown. He usually hangs out at or around his home, the Carpenter’s Shop. You’ll receive 550 gold for a successful delivery.