Stardew Valley created by ConcernedApe.
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To trigger this quest you need to pick up the package of 15 Parsnip Seeds that’s sitting on the floor when you wake up on the first day. It’s the first quest you’ll get, in all likelihood, and it’s the first one you’ll complete, as it’s a tutorial for growing crops. To finish it you need only do the following:
  • Clear a bit of land. Pull out your tools and clear enough room for tilling. Ideally you’ll want fifteen squares of cleared dirt in two or three joined rows.
  • Till the dirt you’ve cleared with the Hoe.
  • Use the Parsnip Seeds on the tilled squares.
  • Water the Parsnip Seeds for the next four days. You don’t need to water on rainy days.
  • Harvest the Parsnips when they’re fully grown, and place them in the bin to the right of the house.
In addition to the profit made from the Parsnip sales you’ll receive 100 gold for completing this quest, as well as trigger the quest Advancement. To collect the gold, open the Journal (the J key, or click the exclamation mark below your gold total) and click on the reward at the bottom of the ‘Getting Started’ entry.