FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Red chests! FNaF World has red chests, and each one contains a Chip possessed of such awesome power that the game will, honestly, wind up much easier as a consequence. There are seven red chests in all, and they’re allllll hard to reach. Details below to make your life easier.

It’s important to note that several of these chests require you to ‘glitch’ into the landscape, allowing you to walk over trees, rocks, tents, and so forth without impediment. Good deal - but you’ll also run into enemies. These foes are muuuuuch stronger than the creatures you would face normally in a given area. Expect to die reaching these red chests if you attempt to retrieve any early in the game.

You can escape glitched areas by touching the object that made you glitch in the first place, so remember where they were when you've retrieved your red chest. You can also die, which will send you back to Fazbear Hills.

#1: Lilygear Lake

Your first red chest is quite a distance from the point of the glitch. Upon entering Choppy’s Woods you can find a seagull sitting on a tree stump to the right of the path, through a large tree. Press up against the stump from below to get glitched into the landscape. From here you need to make a long trip northeast to Lilygear Lake, where a red chest is sitting out in the middle of the water. It contains the Auto: Shield Chip.

#2: Fazbear Hills

The first red chest you see is the second you can collect. To get at the chest you need to get through the majority of Dusting Fields. Just after you beat the Bouncer, look to the north to find an entrance to Mysterious Mine. Just above the mine is the posing silhouette of an animatronic. Walk around the right side of the Mine’s entrance and touch the bottom of the nearest rock. This will glitch you into the landscape, allowing you to walk back to Fazbear Hills and get at the chest. It contains the Block: Unscrew Chip.

#3: Choppy’s Woods

The third chest is located just south of the entrance to Pinwheel Circus. Check the edge of the trees abutting Lilygear Lake near the entrance and you’ll find a hidden path that winds down to the edge of the Circus grounds. (Though the game still registers it as Choppy’s Woods, for some reason.) Fight a Mad Endo and you can claim a chest containing the Pizza: Fury Chip. 

#4: Mysterious Mine

The fourth chest is located in the east of Mysterious Mine, and getting there is circuitous as hell. Start off in Lilygear Lake and surf to the southeast corner of the map, looking for a small side path that swings west. There’s a secret path in the plants along this path that will allow you to debark on the northeastern shore of Blacktomb Yard.

Walk off of the screen to the east, then slooooowly make your way south, west, and north, around pretty much the entire area. Once you reach a dead end, look for another secret path through the trees to take you up to an isolated tombstone. The tombstone warps you into the Mine, where you’ll find the chest, guarded by a Mad Endo. The chest contains the Freddle: Fury Chip.

#5: Mysterious Mine

The fifth chest is located in the north of Mysterious Mine, and you’ll see it while exploring the darkness of the dungeon - but you can’t reach it. To get at the chest you need to proceed through the game until you reach Blacktomb Yard. Once there, press up against the third grave from the bottom in the far west of the graveyard. The tombstone you’re looking for is snugged up beside a tree. Once you’re all glitchy, walk west past Pinwheel Circus to find the Mine. The chest contains the Auto: Mimic Chip.

#6: Mysterious Mine

The sixth red chest is so deep in Mysterious Mine (yes, the Mine again) that you can’t see it ’til you’re getting it. (I think, anyway.) You need to gain access to the latter half of Pinwheel Circus, going through Deep-Metal Mine, to find the secret entrance into this place. Once you can head north, but before you hit the Browboy battle, look on your left for a green tent. Press against the entrance to find a secret path into Mysterious Mine. Head north and you’ll see the chest ahead, protected by an invisible Mad Endo. The chest contains the Curse: Status Chip.

#7: Pinwheel Funhouse

The final red chest is right near the end of Pinwheel Funhouse. Just after you fight and beat Bubba you’ll emerge from a tent and into a passage with three more tents. Enter the first tent on your right to find another, smaller passage, again with a tent. Ignore the tent and walk through the wall just north and to the left of it. The tent beyond leads to the red chest, which contains the Counter: Bite Chip.