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- Yep, Death Mountain on the Lorule side is not accessible from the rest of Lorule, cut off as it is. To get there you'll have to travel to Hyrule. Once there, broom your way to the Death Mountain weather vane on the map. The crack is in the wall to the left of where you swoop down.
Death Mountain, Lorule
- Welcome to the shady side of Death Mountain. Start by wandering left from the crack. There's a small ledge with a skull on it; lift the skull to find a Maiamai.
- Drop down into the snow below. Either fight off the cyclopses here (they're quite tough, so be cautious) or drop off the ledge to your left. Enter the cave and you'll find some circling Fairies you can capture.
- Leave and make your way up the slopes to the east until you hit a screen transition. On the next screen you'll find a bridge; lift one of the two large rocks here to find a Maiamai.
- Return to the previous screen and carry on up the slopes to the west. Keep climbing until you reach the spectacle-shaped feature on the ground. East of here is a circular area with several ice statues, including one large one that will leap at you. Beat it and four smaller ones will do the same. You can destroy all of these gargoyles in one hit with the Fire Rod. Do so and you'll make a chest containing 100 rupees appear.
- Just south of the circle is a gap in the wall. Drop down onto a ledge below and merge with the wall. To your left you'll find another ledge with a chest. Inside the chest is a Monster Tail.
- Jump down and make your way back up the mountain. Use the ramp in the middle of the spectacle marking to reach the peaks. To the north is a thin walkway leading west; cross it, and pull out your Hammer to get past a few obstructive posts. Beyond are two large rocks, one of which is hiding a Maiamai.
- Back east the path ends. Where you'd normally find the Tower of Hera you'll instead come to a weather vane labelled as the Treacherous Tower. The Treacherous Tower is a mini game that bestows insane amounts of rupees upon winners and death upon losers. You can find more details about Treacherous Tower in this article.
- And that's all there is! For this side of Death Mountain, anyway. To reach the other side you'll need a secondary crack in the world. Return to Hyrule.

Death Mountain, Hyrule
- Head up to the Tower of Hera. You may have gone this way before, but now it's compulsory. Continue down the path to the east.
- Hookshot across the gap in the bridge. In the next area there are two fire-breathing monsters that are fantastically difficult to kill during your first visit; now they're just annoying. Flee past them.
- Before you enter the cave, though, slip north. Beyond you'll find a different cave, as well as a ton of monsters. Check the east side of the rock formation for a Maiamai, then go inside. You'll find a series of Hookshot challenges that will, ultimately, lead you to a 100 rupee prize; it's fairly straightforward, though you need to combine Hookshotting and merging to walls with good timing.
Rosso's Ore Mine
- Walk through the Mine until you reach an enormous room filled with lava. Wait for a moving platform to arrive, then hop on board. It will shuttle you to a space far above another moving platform. Hop down onto it, then again onto another platform. Do this until you arrive at a precipice patrolled by two more fire-breathers.
- Merge with the left wall and wait for a platform to show up. It will have a giant spring on it, the first of many. In this section you have to ride spring platforms along and use the Hammer to move from platform to platform. This first lot aren't so bad; it's generally the last, fastest one that gives the most trouble. Wait until it's just arriving at the top-left corner of its circuit before smashing it down, then climb on. It'll catapult you up onto a nearby column of rock, where a Heart Piece awaits. make your way back to the platform with the two fire breathers.
- Assuming you've found the Bottle with the note in it along the shores of Lake Hylia (look in the east) and talked to the owner of Kakariko's Milk Bar to receive Premium Milk, go south on this platform next. You'll wind up outside on a pair of ledges if you ascend in the next platform section. Out here is the climber from the message, and if you give him the Premium Milk he'll free up the Bottle for your personal use. Yay. Drop off the platform here to find a Maiamai beneath the rock on the lower platform.
- Return to the fire breathing platform a third time. Merge into the right wall, shimmy out and around to the front side, and hop out onto another platform when it arrives. Ride it east.
- Now the fun part. You need to drop from platform to platform, like before... only these platforms don't line up as well. Generally speaking, you need to fall off while they're in motion, not while they're static. Don't worry - if you fall, you'll just be sent back up to the platform with the fire-breathers.
- At the bottom you'll be back on Death Mountain.

Death Mountain, Hyrule
- Go south of where you emerge to find a Great Fairy pool.
- Follow the southern edge west until you arrive at a path made of logs. Carefully traverse it until you arrive back on land again. North of here is a bridge, and by it a ton of rocks; lift the north-most rock to find a Maiamai.
- On the east end of this bridge is the crack you've been looking for. Slip in to head to Lorule.
Death Mountain, Lorule
- You'll emerge beside the Death Mountain weather vane. Handy. Activate it.
- Wander east, fighting off enemies, until you come to a tunnel. Merge with the wall to the south of the tunnel and travel along until until you find a Maiamai to dislodge.
- Enter the tunnel. Beyond is a series of thin, moving platforms that move ever upward. Avoid enemies and be prepared to merge with walls on your way up. There's a large platform with a frozen, giant gargoyle near the top that introduces a split in the path; if you taken the larger, western platforms (which require the Tornado Rod to cross) you'll wind up outside. Merge with the wall and go east to find a chest containing 300 rupees, then drop down and check the skull on the platform for a Maiamai.
- Return to the stationary platform found on the way to the Maiamai and wait on it for a few seconds. A platform will appear from the north. Use it, as well as the Tornado Rod, to reach a solitary stone column near the top of Death Mountain. Use the crack in the mountain to flow to Hyrule, where you'll find a Heart Piece waiting.
- Return to the gargoyle platform and take the northern route instead. It will eventually take you outside. Be careful up here - there are lots of bats waiting to knock you down. I encourage using the Tornado Rod.
- Walk all the way west you can. Past three gargoyle sculptures is a chest containing 100 rupees.
- Return the way you came and go north. On the next screen you'll find the entrance to the Ice Ruins. Pluck the Maiamai off of the rear of the structure, activate the weather vane, and fry the gargoyle out front. Last Sage dungeon, here we go!