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Main Walkthrough

Welcome, welcome, one and all! This is the Treacherous Tower, a wondrous place of monster and mayhem where combat is a sport and death is flat-out guaranteed! Found atop Death Mountain in Lorule, Death Tower is an entirely-optional mini game that can really bolster your wallet... or it may get you killed. Have fun either way!
The rules of Death Tower are fairly simple. On each level of the Tower you're be pitted against a collection of monsters that you've (probably) fought earlier in the game. Kill them all and you'll open up the next level of the Tower. Make it all the way through the levels on your respective difficulty level to earn a prize. Sound like fun? Of course it is - and the prizes are well worth the effort.
What happens if you lose? Well, you die. What else would you expect? Either way, I recommend bringing strong, upgraded Rods along for the trip, as well as better armour and, at minimum, the Master Sword LV 2. The stronger you are, the more likely you are to survive, as well as blast through the Tower at a record speed.
The Beginner course is five levels long and costs 100 rupees to enter. If you manage to complete it you'll earn a nice smattering of rupees. Beat your original time on a subsequent run to earn bonus rupees.
  • 1F - Wriggling worms. Elusive, but easy enough.
  • 2F - Crabs. Very predictable.
  • 3F - Rock-spitting octopi. Deploy a rod immediately and projectiles shouldn't be an issue.
  • 4F - Skeletons. Either hit them with projectiles or swing at them and force them into the pits at the edge of the arena.
  • 5F - Moldorm. It's a lot easier to beat in this second battle, as you have a better weapon and less space to get thrown into the abyss.

The Intermediate course is fifteen levels long and costs 200 rupees to enter. You'll earn a lot more rupees for winning, and after your first victory you'll earn a Heart Piece. Score.
  • 1F - Wriggly things. Kill one and more appear. Easy.
  • 2F - Bats. Erratic but weak. An area rod is good.
  • 3F - Ravens. They swoop and eat up time. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Tornado Rod to kill them instantly.
  • 4F - Turtles. Hammer to flip 'em, sword to kill 'em.
  • 5F - Soldiers. Use something to stun them as they rush in, then finish the job with the sword.
  • 6F - Bouncing squids. I prefer arrows to prevent bouncing, myself, though a rod works as well.
  • 7F - Bow and arrow soldiers. A ranged weapon is practically mandatory.
  • 8F - Lorule hoppers. Knock 'em into the pits.
  • 9F - Helmet pigs. Either pull out Bombs to do damage or use the Tornado Rod to stunt them and chop 'em into the surrounding pits.
  • 10F - Mummies. Use the Fire Rod to remove their wrappings and turn them into skeletons. Much easier.
  • 11F - Ice cyclopses. Almost regardless of your sword, these guys take a lot of hits. Use the Tornado Rod to stun them and then knock them into the pits.
  • 12F - Flying fiends. Once again, the Tornado Rod makes this tough fight into a joke.
  • 13F - Ice gargoyles. Fire Rod!
  • 14F - Soldiers. Two normal ones, one with a ball and chain. Kill the first two as they dash in, wait for the chain to sweep around the third soldier, and rush in with sword strikes.
  • 15F - Pig soldiers. A LOT of pig soldiers. You really, really need to use the Tornado Rod, preferably the upgraded Tornado Rod, to make this an easy fight. Stun them all and you can wade in at your leisure. Other rods work, too, but not quite as well.

The Advanced course is 50 levels long and costs 300 rupees to enter. For winning you'll recieve an absolutely ridiculous amount of money (usually in the 4000+ rupees range) and, when you beat it the first time, the attendant will upgrade your Lamp to the Super Lamp. If nothing else it makes beating the Tower a second time easier - and if you do so you'll win a Super Net. Do it twice and your money problems will pretty much be over.
As the Advanced level is substantially harder than Beginner or Intermediate, I suggest bringing Fairies, Blue Potions, or a mixture of both. This is a fairly long slog by Zelda standards.
  • 1F - Slimes. Most basic enemy in the game.
  • 2F - Rats and snakes. Not much different.
  • 3F - Bats. A bit annoying, but, meh.
  • 4F - Soldiers. The most basic of 'em, too, with no shields. Tornado Rod and wade through the lot.
  • 5F - Living statues. Kill one and the rest will wake up. Spin attack the remainder or use the Tornado Rod to give yourself space.
  • 6F - Ghosts. First easy, then slightly tougher. I like the Bow for this one.
  • 7F - Rupee eaters. These things eat your money, yes, but they also suck up your time. Approach warily to verify that a rupee is a monster, then lash out. Don't get too close!
  • 8F - Hoppers. Another battle where the Tornado Rod comes in real handy.
  • 9F - Soldiers. These guys have better armaments than before. Nevertheless, dat Tornado Rod is sure great.
  • 10F - A heart room. How nice.
  • 11F - Fire breathers. These guys move around a lot, so it's not too difficult to knock them off the platform.
  • 12F - Rock spitters. Once they start firing these guys can be a real nuisance. Stun them quickly, then knock them off the platform.
  • 13F - Crabs and one-eyed turtle things. Nothing too serious here, though this lot likes to move around. You know how to deal with fast-moving enemies by now.
  • 14F - Sliding penguin lizards. Huh. Annoying, but the Tornado Rod will take them down easily.
  • 15F - Jellyfish. Lots of them. A ranged weapon is mandatory for getting a good time in this room. I prefer the Bow.
  • 16F - Green and red mimics. Annoying, but you've had worse. Lure them into moving close to a ledge, get there yourself, and stun. Knock them off in groups.
  • 17F - Soldiers. Meh. Nothing special with the Tornado Rod at your disposal.
  • 18F - Giant sliding penguin lizards. The same as their smaller versions, just much tougher. Avoid bounding off a ledge while attacking and you'll be fine.
  • 19F - Giant jellyfish. Stun, swipe, stun, swipe. The Fire Rod works fairly well at doing damage here. It's also good for wiping the little ones out when the big one splits.
  • 20F - Heart room. Weee!
  • 21F - Pterodactyls. Nothing special if you have the Tornado Rod to bring them down, though it'll take two hits rather than one. Note that the floor is now smaller. Hm.
  • 22F - Rats and snakes. Nothing huge here.
  • 23F - Buzzards. Rush in and Tornado Rod as many as you can. Wait for the remainder to swoop down at you, then Tornado Rod a second time to take them out.
  • 24F - Blobby thing and wizards. Take out the blob and the wizards appear. Nothing special here, as the wizards can't take much damage.
  • 25F - Worms. Let them come to you, for the most part. Stun and attack. Stay away from the bumper.
  • 26F - Cyclops statues. Tough, but no tougher than anything else. Attack when the eyes are open.
  • 27F - Soldiers. C'mon, you know how to deal with these guys by now. Tornado Rod!
  • 28F - More soldiers. Tougher, but easy to sweep off the ledges nevertheless.
  • 29F - Flame breathing quadrapeds. Yikes, tough and unstunnable. Let them spread out, then go at one and start hacking it off the ledge. Repeat until they're all gone. Don't get caught in the flames or you'll suffer a lot of damage.
  • 30F - Heart room. Gee, thanks.
  • 31F - Bouncers and electric blobs. Do NOT hit the bouncy enemies with your sword. They'll send you flying into the pit. Freeze 'em with the Ice Rod, then strike.
  • 32F - Ghosts. And a dark room, too. Pull out your Torch and hit them as they come close.
  • 33F - Icy runners. Fire Rod all the way. - Move horizontal to them to stop them from dashing at you.
  • 34F - Bats and bomb-laying slugs. Pull out the lantern and proceed forward cautiously, swinging whenever a bat comes close. Knock the slugs into the pit.
  • 35F - A single heart... and a ton of brigands. As soon as you grab the heart and they close in, use the Tornado Rod and start knocking their stunned forms into the pit.
  • 36F - Fliers and hoppers. Tornado Rod, no question. It's the easiest way to kill those fliers.
  • 37F - Cyclops statues. A lot of 'em. In the dark, too. Stay near the door and keep using the Tornado Rod as they sweep in close.
  • 38F - Ice gargoyles. Use the Fire Rod to wipe 'em out. Once they're gone wizards will appear; sling magic with the Fire Rod to avoid slipping off the sides of the arena.
  • 39F - Ball and chain soldier. Yikes, flaming weapons. Stun him as soon as you can and knock him into a pit. Watch out, as he'll occasionally throw his weapon right at you, rather than arcing it around himself.
  • 40F - Fairy. I recommend catching it rather than using it immediately, as it will save you from death, but it's up to you.
  • 41F - Guards and fliers. Pretty easy by this tower's standards, actually. Tornado Rod!
  • 42F - Skeletons. These guys like to hurl projectiles too much. Something ranged will work wonders.
  • 43F - Jellyfish. Annoying, but basic.
  • 44F - Giant frozen gargoyle. Avoid its first stomping attack and hit it with the Fire Rod. Instant kill.
  • 45F - Soldiers and pig soldiers. Use the Tornado Rod for a quick stun on everyone, then knock the bomb-toting soldiers off the sides. Go for the pig soldiers next, then wipeout the last two normal soldiers.
  • 46F - Bandits. Pretty basic. Tornado Rod them and start swinging.
  • 47F - Gargoyles. Smack the first batch; freeze the second with the Ice Rod; melt the third with the Fire Rod. Watch out for incoming bolts from the projectile-slingers in the corners of the room.
  • 48F - Soldiers. Ooo, a new model. Nevertheless, they go down the same as the rest.
  • 49F - Fire breathers. Agh, hate these guys. Get in close and knock them off the platform. The Ice Rod works well here.
  • 50F - Moldorm. Yep, it's back for another round, this time with more health... and on an icy floor. Sigh. The same rules apply, though it's doubly important that you not hit this thing anywhere but the weak spot on the tail. You'll go flying, likely into a pit.