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Thieves' Hideout B1
- Yaaaay, a dungeon. Sounds like fun. The boss' room is right beside you, but, sadly, you have no Big Key yet.
- Start by walking north along the grid walkways. You'll see a bunch of stuff you can't currently do anything about, as well as a door to your left. Through it is a chest with 50 rupees.
- Backtrack to the entrance and walk through the door to your left. Slip through the bars to the north in the next room. There's a chest within containing 50 rupees.
- Hit the orb switch in the middle of the room. This will raise bars near you, but lower the bars in front of the two gargoyle statues in the bottom-left corner. Pull them both out of their cell and hit the orb again.
- Pull one of the statues onto the obvious floor switch north of the orb. Pull / push the second one onto the switch in the top-left corner of the room; you'll have to swing around occasionally to block incoming arrows from the arrow trap at your back. Last, stand on the switch in the cell with the chest. All three depressed switches will open a door in the north.
- Kill the enemy in the next room. Really easy compared to the stuff outside. Eeesh.
- Go one screen north. Walk along the planks to a button in the north. It activates a fan. Allow yourself to be blown across the room to another button, which activates another fan taking you back to the entrance. Instead, merge with the wall beside the button and carry on north. (You can also just fall through the floor here, but it pays to know this stuff in advance.)

Thieves' Hideout B2
- Go up the stairs to your right to find a chest containing 50 rupees.
- Walk south, across the conveyor belts. Do NOT hit the orb, or they'll toss you into oblivion instead.
- Hop on the conveyor belt in the next room. Before it can sweep you to your doom, merge with the wall to the north. Walk to the nearby ledge and hop out again to find an orb switch. It will allow you to get at another orb switch which will open the door in the south... kinda. Hit the Bomb-ish creature that's wandering around here to turn it into a Bomb, then throw it onto the conveyor belt leading to the switch to trigger it. (Or just use one of your own Bombs.)
- Next room to the south: an orb that triggers a pit trap. Uhhh, maybe we'll come back to that. Onward to the east.
- A relatively inconspicuous room, here. You can merge with the shields to get items. Further east you'll find Monster Guts in a chest, as well as a dead end.
- Go north into the central room. To your right is a cell with a Thief Girl inside. Slip in through the northern bars and talk to her to get her on your side. Kinda. Hit the button in here to open a door up and to the left.
- One cell to the north, before anything else, you'll find a skeleton - bad news - and a chest with a Compass - good news!
- Bomb through the wall at the rear of the room you just opened. Walk left when you hit a dead end to find a secret passage. Go south through it to find an orb beside a red wall. Hit the switch while standing on the wall to rise up, stand on the blue wall, then hit the orb up here to rise another level.
- Walk along the tops of the cells to the cell at the far end. Enter the door.
- Oooo, spooky! There are five cylopians waiting to make your acquaintance in this pitch black room. Immediately activate a Rod of your choice as they close in to stun or otherwise damage them, then start swiping. Stay in one spot and let them come to you in a manageable wave. It'll take a while, but you can handle this fight easily so long as you don't freak out. Seriously, running all over the room is suicide. After beating them a teleport spot will open up leading to the entrance, and you'll gain access to a chest with a Small Key inside.
- Open the Thief Girl's cell. Talk to her to get her to follow you. Try to leave to the south... and, boo, the door will close.
- Run north. Have the girl step on one of the two buttons near the northern exit, talk to her to make her stop, and stand on the other to open the door.
- A small fight with four bandits beyond. Easy kills. Don't let them grab the girl, though, or you'll have to start over from the beginning.

Thieves' Hideout B3
- Head south until you reach a gap. Merge with the wall to hit a button so you can get the girl across.
- Continue south. Bars. Squeeze through, kill the enemies, and swim to the west. Make your way back north to find a walkway propped against a wall. Slide in behind it and pop out to create a path across to the girl. Bring her along and have both of you stand on the two switches nearby to create a path south.
- Swim south. Debark on the red tiles and cross the bridge to the east. Pull the switch to drain the water.
- Return to the north room. Slip through the bars here to get at the chest containing 100 rupees. Lead the girl into the second room and use the blue orb / blue wall combo to get the both of you back up to the higher level.
- Leave the girl on the red tiles. Throw a Bomb at the orb and run onto the red tiles before it can explode. This will raise the tiles above the wall.
- Kill the bandits in the next room. Lower the tiles, then have both of you stand on the buttons. This opens a path to the north which leads to a giant chest containing Master Ore. Ooooo, improved Master Sword, eh? Nifty.
- Get back on the red tiles and raise them. Walk along the top of the wall to the east to find stairs. If you feel like it, merge behind the walkway propped against the wall and pop it out to create an easier path through here.
Thieves' Hideout B2
- Have the girl stop on the button on the bottom floor of this room. Go up on the walkway and merge with the wall to get across the gap. Another button awaits. Hit it and the door below will open... and two bandits will appear. Kill them before they can grab the girl. (Jeez, can't she at least run away?)
- Run west, into the room with the big trap door. Four bandits will appear. Get Link and the girl off of the trap door, then hit the switch. Byeeeeee.
- Run north to the conveyor belt room. Three more bandits appear. Knock them off the ledge, then hit the switch in the north to make the conveyor belt behave. It's way too easy for the girl to fall in a pit here, so consider using your Bow.
- Upstairs!
Thieves' Hideout B1
- Merge against the wall and hit the two buttons in here to start up the fans. Use them to get the girl across the room. (See, aren't you glad you practiced earlier?)
- One more room south. Two buttons? Step on 'em. This will open up a chest containing 100 rupees, as well as a warp spot from the floor below. Just in case.
- Head south. Two more bandits in the room with the gargoyles. Easy street.
- Into the central room. Cut off! Run north along the walkway to find two buttons. You know the drill. This will activate a moving shield that you can merge with to reach a huge chest with a Big Key.
- Go through the big door... aaaaand... boss time!

Quite the bruiser, this dude. Nevertheless, he's not too bad. You start off facing him sword to sword, shield to shield. Take a swipe at him and he'll immediately hide behind his shield. Use the opportunity to merge with the shield. This will confuse him and give you an opportunity to sneak behind his back and slice him a few times. Afterward he'll spew dark bile at you for a while, and, after that, take normal swipes. Repeat the process once he has an opening.
After several slashes he'll get rid of the shield. Now he'll either slash you normally or come at you with a spinning attack. In either case, wait until he's done attacking, then move in to attack. The spinning attack is the more dangerous, but it's not terribly difficult to avoid if you stay on your toes.
During the final phase the guy will lose his head. Literally. It will fly around the room, spewing bile, while his body continues to hack away blindly. Stay away from the body while the head is nearby and duck in when it moves away. Keep slashing and you will succeed in time. Not much else to it, really.
- After killing the dude, the Thief Girl will thank you for the help and lead you to the locked shed in Thieves' Town. Inside is a Heart Container and the portrait of Sage Osfala, who, upon his release, will give you the Sand Rod. Or, uh, he will until Ravio's little bird thing steals it. You'll have to rent the stupid Rod. Sigh... oh well, one down. Six more to go!