Part Two: Abandoned Village

Main Walkthrough

- Sheep!

- This chapter starts out with a heroic cut scene that’s promptly interrupted by the arrival of a monster. You’ll then take the reins of Fluffy, a doggish warrior with some slick hair. You need to fight a Lesser Fire Spirit right off the bat, and Fluffy is more than a match for the thing. You may get a Fire Stone for trouncing the Lesser Fire Spirit; these items will allow you to heal.

- The Volcanic Crater where you’re standing now branches in several different directions, and you can wander around quite a bit. We’ll head west to start and see what we find:
  • Just past the balloon you can find stairs leading down to some sparkling Volcanic Glass. It increases magic defence on your equipment.
  • To the north of the Volcanic Glass is the entrance to what appears to be a dungeon, though it’s closed. On the west side of the entrance is a Magma 5-Crit, which upgrades a weapon’s critical hit rate and its wielder’s agility. Good find, and since you can locate so many weapon upgrades in this chapter, you may as well use them on Fluffy’s Bauxite Blade, which has ten freaking slots. Magma 5-Crits are overall better, as several enemies in this chapter can blind Fluffy, and critical hits will offset these effects without needing to heal your doggish dood.
  • There’s a new screen, the Tunnel, to the far west. There’s another Magma 5-Crit a shot trek inside, some Lava Mineral to the south of the Magma 5-Crit, and a Fire Stone / another Magma 5-Crit in the adjacent Entrance Tunnel. There’s also a Secret Room in the far west of the Entrance Tunnel, and a rotating lock inside requires a seven-digit code to open. This is part of a User Rank end game quest that is noted at the end of the article.
- Return to where you started, then head north. There’s a Lava Mineral on your right and a Fire Stone and 500 G on your left. There’s also a small cave on the left.

The Magma Engima in OH! RPG!. Few areas in this game
are quite so frustrating.
Magma Enigma

- First off, there’s a chest in here. The chest contains a Reset Wand. This will, predictably, reset this room’s puzzle. Good to know.

- In the north is the puzzle for which the Reset Wand was made. It consists of two statues that you need to slide onto two buttons by guiding them through two small maze-like areas. Slide the statues incorrectly and you’ll have to use the Reset Wand to start over. You can slide the statues into place by doing the following:
  • For the left statue: Slide it north two spaces, then west to the wall, then north one more space and onto the button.
  • For the right statue: Slide it north one space, then west one space, then north three spaces, then east and onto the button.

- Doing this correctly will open the door to the south. This leads to another puzzle, this with four statues, all jumbled together. Take the following actions to solve the puzzle:
  • Slide the first statue north two squares
  • Slide the statue on your left west and onto the button
  • Slide the next statue on your right north onto the topmost button
  • Slide the next statue on your right south one square
  • Slide the next statue on your right east onto the button
  • Slide the final statue north once, west once, and then south twice

- Hey, look, another puzzle room! Insidious. More instructions:
  • Slide the first statue on the right north two spaces onto a button
  • Slide the statue on your left west onto a button
  • Slide the first statue you moved onto a button two buttons to the east
  • Slide the topmost statue south one square, onto a button, then push it another button to the east
  • Slide the southern-most statue north three squares
  • Slide the western-most statue off of its button two squares to the east and one to the south
  • Slide the northern-most statue two squares south and one west, onto the western button
  • Slide the last statue north and onto the last button
Completing this puzzle will open the way to a lovely treasure room. In here you'll find the Winter Horn, which will bestow Fluffy's physical strikes with the ice element for several turns. If ever there was an item useful in a volcano dungeon, it is this. The sparkle here will reveal some backstory that explains a few things, as well.

The Blazing Summit of OH! RPG!.
Treasure chests abound.
The Blazing Summit

- Head north from the Magma Enigma’s entrance to find this area. There’s a chest to the north that contains a Reset Crystal. Guess what this means? There’s also a red crystal to the left that will perform the same duty, if you prefer.

- Take a left from the entrance to find a side path. You can climb a bare, dirt wall over here (the only one not lined with magma) to reach a boulder. Push this boulder to the southwest, over to the busted-up rail, and then down. It will fall into the lava and create a path back on the main road, where the heroes are waiting. This leads to a chest containing some Lava Mineral.

- Return to the entrance and head north. You’ll hit a cut scene, and Fluffy will have to climb a dirt wall to continue. Use him to push the boulder here down to create a path east. You can push a boulder here further east to bridge a gap to a chest; the chest contains a Magma 5-Crit.

- There’s another bare wall to the south of here. Hop down and you can push the boulder on your right over to what remains of some rails. Knock it down one level to create a path to a bevy of treasure chests, accessible from the entrance. The chests are protected by two Fire Spirits, and they’re annoying mainly because they can use Blind to deaden Fluffy’s attacks. You have many Hero Call options, but the main one that won’t ding your points (assuming you have it, which you probably will) is Call Ralph!. Fluffy’s Claw Storm can also inflict some significant pain. The chests they’re protecting contain a Runic Potion, a Magma 5-Crit, and two Lava Minerals.

- Head north up the mountain. There’s a Runic Potion on your left, and to the north is another boulder. Climb the cliff just north of the boulder to reach a second boulder, one you can push west and then down to reach a Fire Stone and a golden, locked chest. You can hop down a cliff on your left to find a yellow button; pressing this will open the chest and earn you a Rune of Sight.

- Also over here is a boulder, and unlike the statue puzzle earlier, you can pull this boulder away from the spike it’s seemingly jammed against. Pull it west one square, then south, then push it down the broken rail to create a path below. You won’t find anything over here yet.

- Return to the main set of stairs. A boulder’s waiting here, and you can push it east to reach a small island with another boulder. This will take you to the far east side of the map. Hop up two cliffs to find another boulder, then push it south and west to create another pathway. This leads to a chest containing a Lava Mineral.

- The Lava Mineral is beside, surprise, another boulder. Push it north one space, then pull it back two spaces, to get it over to the busted rail. Wander back down to the heroes and head west. There’s some Coal Ash in a chest to the south, good for raising your defence, and another stupid gold chest to the west. You can open this chest by climbing the cliff to its right and hitting the button up here, though you’ll have to deal with two more Fire Spirits to get at it. The chests near the button contain a Runic Potion and a Magma 5-Crit; the golden chest contains a Lava Mineral and a Magma 5-Crit.

- Look to the left of the final staircase while you’re standing at the bottom. A cliff leads to a narrow pathway blocked by a boulder. Hop down and push the boulder south and into place to create a bridge to a second boulder. You can shove this other boulder west and then south, to that area that was useless earlier. Push the boulder south one more time to create a path to some Volcanic Glass.

- Head to the top of the final staircase. There’s another golden chest on your left, as well as a cliff. Descend the cliff to find another boulder that you can pull / push to create a bridge. This leads to a button for the chest, which, when opened, contains a Lava Mineral and a Magma 5-Crit. At last done, you can enter the cave at the top of the volcano.


- This place is laden down with swag. Wander through the Tunnel and you can find a Magma 5-Crit, two Fire Stones, two Lava Minerals, a Runic Potion, and an X-Potion (which the heroes promptly steal). Everything’s sitting out in the open.

- Lucius is waiting up top. He’ll heal you, then disappear and allow you to pass. Beyond is the Mouth of the Caldera. It seems peaceful, buuuut…

The Phoenix, lord of Volcanic Mountain in OH! RPG!.
This thing is tough.

Vicious! This beastly boss bastard is pretty tough. The Phoenix deals primarily in fiery attacks, though it has other surprises up its sleeve as well. Its physical attack does around 600 damage all told; Fire Claw hits for around 500 HP; and Blind, though not painful, blinds you. That on its own can be devastating. The Phoenix also has its Fire Breath attack, and one hit of that will kill Fluffy. Fortunately, it telegraphs this attack by cawing on the turn before it’s used, so you can defend, but… that just reduces the damage to 1,200 or so. Still pretty bad. Get Phoenix down to around 3,000 HP and it will start alternating between Fire Claw and Swan Song, the latter a fairly worthless attack, which means you're more or less in the clear for the rest of the fight. Your options:
  • Hero Call works rather well in this battle. Marsha is arguably the most useful, as her Gust attack can help mitigate Fire Breath’s damage, and her Focus will allow you to ignore the effects of blind. Therese’s Eye Drops will cure blind if Marsha has stopped helping, as well, and Harold’s Hi-Ether is nice for pumping up on MP. Smash Phoenix with normal attacks and / or Rune Zero, MP allowing, defending whenever Fire Breath is about to come out. 
  • Beating Phoenix solo is do-able, but your experience will be more randomized. How well you do depends on two factors: how often you get hit by Blind and how often Fluffy lands critical hits. You'll want to use Runic Whisper relatively often along with Fluffy's normal (hopefully critical) attacks, healing with pumped-up Runic Potions whenever necessary. You can have four, potentially five Runic Potions +2 on hand for this fight if you were careful earlier, and that should be enough to survive the Phoenix, assuming you defend and debuff Fire Breath (via Runic Whisper) often enough. 
You’ll get a Ruby for defeating the Phoenix. This will also end the chapter.

Return Trip - The Crystals

As you explore OH! RPG! you'll accumulate User Rank, and the second of these Ranks, Don Miguel, will allow you to translate four runes in the first, second, fourth, and fifth chapters, excluding those segments that are unplayable. Each rune contains part of the code needed to open the door lock mentioned above. Input the amalgamated code into the tumbler on the door to open the door. (The developers don't seem to want the code spoiled, so I'll only reveal the locations of the tablets in this article, and not what they say. Don't worry, they aren't hard to find.)

Beyond the door you'll find an open location with six treasure chests containing a cumulative three Runic Potions and five Fire Stones. You'll also find a rather intimidating beast waiting for you in the north, and you may want to touch the blue swirl in the middle of the room to fully heal, as this thing's a doozy.

Iron Giant, the secret boss of OH! RPG!.
If you can beat this thing without Hero Calls, well...
Iron Giant

Secret boss! As far as baddies go, the Iron Giant is pretty epic. It boasts a physical attack, Hammer, that does about 500 HP; Earth Spikes, which also does around 500 HP; and Eruption, a fire attack, that does around 1,600 HP. Ouch all around, particularly on Eruption. Nevertheless, its most troubling attack is Iron Shield, which will reduce all attacks against Iron Giant to near-negligible levels. As ever, there are two ways to fight this guy:
  • The Hero Call route is the ‘standard’ way to fight Iron Giant. Start with Runic Whisper to reduce Iron Giant’s attack and defence stats, then smash it with normal (hopefully critical) attacks over and over, healing as necessary. Iron Giant will use Eruption every four or five turns, so calling Marsha in for Gust every now and then will 
  • If you want to beat Iron Giant without Hero Call you more or less have to ‘cheat’, because Iron Shield makes this battle too difficult for Fluffy to truly win. Use Square Tiles on Iron Giant (accessible via a User Rank of 900 or more) and you can stun lock Iron Giant, allowing you to chew through its health at your leisure. I have no idea how to beat Iron Giant without Hero Call otherwise.
Defeating the Iron Giant will give you enough experience to go up another level, which should make the Phoenix at the end of the chapter easier. You’ll also receive the Safe Tea Boots from the chest behind the Iron Giant. This accessory boosts Fluffy’s health by fifty percent, and will carry over between chapters so other characters can put it on. Sweeeeet.

Part Four: Dark Forest

Main Walkthrough