Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of Skylanes Flight 1665 is finding the damned thing. It’s an impressive wreckage that you can see from afar - but to get there you need to wade into the Glowing Sea. Specifically, you need to proceed almost due east from the Crater of Atom, then keep your eye on your right as you walk. The metallic structure of the wreck should gleam from quite a distance. Alternately, if you follow the highway that curves through the Glowing Sea on the map (it’s only kinda there in reality) you’ll find the wreck as you head south. Be careful of copious Rad absorption and an abundance of Radscorpions / Radroaches / Bloatflies / Ghouls / Bloodbugs as you travel.

Flight 1665 is, as you might be able to predict, is in pieces. The plane is spread across a large expanse, and there’s a fair amount to see, though not all of it is useful. Here are some highlights of the area:
  • What remains of the front of the plane sits more or less right on the waypoint marker on your map, to the right of the, er, ‘road’. Climb into the cockpit to find a Flight Data Recorder. (It appears as ‘Skylanes Flight 1665 Final Transmission’ in your item menu, in case you couldn’t find it.)
  • Hunt around the passenger area of this section and you can find a steamer trunk full of ammo. Also here are two trapdoors, one among the seats and another beside the stairs, that lead to small side areas with more items. The one by the stairs contains a Master locked safe with some nice goodies in particular. (For a bit of fun, there are also circuit breakers in the passenger area and the first trapdoor section which activate lights on the plane. How useful.)
  • Check the underside of the cockpit chunk to find a storage compartment with lots of pre-war clothing, if you want to look old school fashionable again.
  • Follow the plane’s bits southwest and you’ll find the occasional item among the seats, but nothing terribly useful. (Be careful if you decide to dip under the tail, as there’s a large number of Bloatflies waiting to jump out at you down there.) Continuing this way has its rewards, however, as you’ll find Sentinel Site Prescott waiting at the end of the trek.
  • The landing gear sits partially submerged in toxic goo to the northeast of the front of the plane. There are no items to grab, but there are Bloodbugs over here, and one of the ones I fought was Legendary. Always good for loot, but, be careful, as these things are crazy dangerous when they get into striking range.
  • If you walk northeast from the landing gear you’ll see a tower jutting out of the landscape. This is Relay Tower 0DB-521, and activating it will allow you to pick up several new radio signals in the area. One of them leads into the final prize out this way…
The Cave with the Raider Power Armor.
Skylanes Flight 1665 is down and to the right of the Cave.
  • Perhaps the greatest boon of the wreck, and it’s not even necessarily part of the wreck, is in the hills to the northeast of the plane. Wander around here and you can find a big heap of twisted metal, simply known as the Cave, which consists of a series of kinda confusing tunnels. Look around inside and you’ll find a complete suit of Raider Power Armor, Fusion Core and all. It’s crap compared to any other Power Armor suit you’ve found, no doubt, but you’d normally have to scrounge from dead Raiders to get parts for Raider Power Armor, soooo…