Fallout 4 Walkthrough: Side Areas - O'Neill Family Manufacturing

Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- O’Neill Family Manufacturing is located along the southern edges of the Glowing Sea, far in the southwest corner of the Commonwealth. You can kind of find it by following the remains of the only highway that runs south through the Glowing Sea, though the highway appears on the map more than the world itself. Once it’s within sight the building stands out, since there’s very little nearby. Beware of Radscorpions in particular upon arrival.

- O’Neill Family Manufacturing consists - on the surface, at least - of a single building, with a single door you can’t open. In truth there’s plenty more to the place, but it’s buried underground. Hunt around near the building and you can find a hole in the ground that leads into the presumed factory. A Ghoul is more or less waiting right by the entrance, so be ready to shoot.

- Take a right from the entrance to find a more-or-less forced path that sends you to the right. In this larger room you’ll find a Power Armor Station, some ammo, a Sentrybot Model Kit that’s sitting on the floor beside the table, and a terminal. Access the terminal and you can use it to open the roof access door. You can probably guess what that is.

- Return to ground level. The door to the building jutting out of the ground is now open, and there are a number of Ghouls inside, including a Legendary Glowing One. This thing’s a pain in the ass, as you can imagine, but it shares the usual Ghoul limb frailty. If you aim for its legs and take them out first it will more or less be neutralized as a threat. Quickly wipe out the weaker Ghouls before it emerges from the building, then go for the kill. Once you’ve finished off the baddies, check the building they were guarding for a box of goodies.

- Yep. That’s all. Yay! A toy!


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