Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Nahant Oceanological Society is located in the sleepy community of Nahant, in the east of the Commonwealth. It’s on the eastern tip of Nahant, within sight of the Raider encampment of Libertalia if you peer north. You’ll probably find the Society buildings if you head to Nahant for the mission Synth Retention for the Institute, then stay to explore afterward.

- The area surrounding the buildings of the Society are fairly dangerous. There are a number of Mirelurk nests in the water surrounding the pier behind the building, and wading down towards them will make adult Mirelurks burst out and attack. More, if you wander along the northern beach you stand a great chance to awakening a Mirelurk Queen, which will chase you all over Nahent trying to murder you. If you absolutely want to avoid trouble, stay away from the water. If, however, you’re feeling adventurous, you can find a wrecked ship past the pier - and inside it, in a toolbox, Casey’s Key.

- The Society consists of two buildings. We’ll look at the smaller building named after the Society first.

Nahant Oceanological Society

The Society building is a small, contained area staffed by Mr. Handy robots who ramble on about the great blue sea all day. It’s not a dangerous building at all. You can find the following inside:
  • There’s a Novice terminal at the front desk. It doesn’t reveal much of use, other than the fact that Jim forgot to turn off the robots. Way to go, Jim.
  • There’s a Vault-Tec Lunchbox sitting on the counter in the kitchen near the entrance.
  • You can find a weapons Workbench on the ground floor.
  • Check the rear office area to find a Wasteland Survival Guide, sitting on one of the desks. It’s right beside the TV.
  • Go out the rear exit (or just go around the Society) and you’ll find a Novice locked shed out back. It contains ammo and chems. Yay!
  • An Expert locked door waits on the second floor; you can open this with Casey’s Key. Inside is an office with a bunch of ammo split up between a steamer trunk and a duffel bag. An Advanced wall safe contains more of the same.
  • You can also use Power Armor with a Jet Pack attached to get to a ruined upper floor from the outside of the Society, but there’s nothing of use in it.

Nahant Oceanological Research Lab

The larger, concrete building, the Research Lab has a single Mirelurk on the lower floor which was apparently thrashing a Mr. Handy robot before you came in. Poor lad. It’s not a huge space, but you can find the following in here:
  • There’s a Master locked trunk beside the door. Lots of goodies inside. (And I’ll be damned if I can find a key for it anywhere.) Accompanying this are a surprising number of ammo boxes on both levels of the Lab.
  • There’s a research terminal beside the stairs on the lower level. You can use it to locate Lake Quannapowitt on the map, as well as open a nearby wall safe.
  • There’s a Chemistry Station on the upper floor and a Power Armor Station on the lower floor. These will wrap up your tour.