Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- D.B. Technical High School is located in the west of the Commonwealth, more or less in the heart of Boston. You can find it easily enough by leaving Diamond City and following the nearest highway (south) to the intersection of similar highways in the east. The High School is just before you hit the intersection.

- The School is heavily-guarded if you approach from the front, with Raiders on blockades watching the northern and southern streets and a few more up on the roof of the School. You’ll have an easier time if you approach from the east side of the School, as there’s a side door here watched by only a single Turret - though make sure you take it out quietly. This door has an Expert lock, so it may not be an option for everyone. We’ll use the front door.

- There are two doors at the entrance, but you’re forced to go through the left. A falling basket inside will alert a Raider on an upper floor to your presence, so shoot quickly. Another Raider up here will likely charge down the ramp when you try to come up. A hole in the wall on the ground floor takes you into a storage room, and then into a library where another Raider is lurking; take him out. There’s an Overdue Book returns machine here, though the options are… lame.

- There’s a hallway next to the library, and goons on the upper floors can start shooting down on you from here. If you want to avoid this, use the ramp in the first room to ascend to their level, which will give you more cover. This more or less characterizes the rest of the High School, in fact: big rooms, enemies on multiple floors, and… not a ton of challenge, overall. It’s a fairly open area, and you can move around as you please. Therefore, I’ll switch to ‘things of note’ mode for each floor of the High School.

Ground Floor
  • There’s a ramp in the cafeteria leading into the basement. Mind this for later. You can also find a Vault-Tec Lunchbox on one of the tables in the cafeteria.
  • There’s a nasty Turret in roughly the centre of the school, overlooking the intersection of the hallways. Watch out when you emerge from the cafeteria.
  • Look out for a trap wired to the bathroom door in the teacher’s lounge.

Upper Floor
  • Be careful walking through doors up here. There are a looooot of holes in the floors. Hell, be careful walking period.
  • Up the first ramp from the front door you’ll find a Novice locked terminal. Hack in and you can turn off the spotlights throughout the School.
  • There’s another Vault-Tec Lunchbox sitting on a table on the upper level of the cafeteria, right beside the ramp.
  • You’ll find another Novice terminal in the southeastern classroom. It contains ill tidings in regards to the basement. Two rooms over is an Advanced terminal; this one will turn off the Turret, if you didn’t trash it earlier.
  • Also in the southeast is an elevator. It will take you into the basement.

Less armour, more swag. Creepy swag.

Okay, so, there’s ultimately only one room of real interest down here, and that’s the pool room in the northwest. Here you’ll find several Raiders, a Turret, and Bosco, presumably the boss. Not a difficult showdown overall, as everyone besides Bosco should be caught in the open when you appear. Mow them down then lob an explosive at Bosco to flush him out of his little sandbag castle. 

Once you’ve cleared the room you can check Bosco’s corner for a steamer trunk of goodies, a Fat Man, and a copy of Unstoppables. Bosco himself has a Mascot’s Head you can wear, and you can check his terminal to see just how crazy he got.

All done? Not quite. I lied, you see. There's one more room of interest here, and that's the Generator Room. It's in the hall adjacent to Bosco's hideout, and contains a Fusion Core. It also contains a bigass hole in the floor, and that floor leads to a completely different area, Medical Center Metro. We'll look at it in another article, as this isn't the only way down there. At the very least I can warn you now that descending into it here will lead you into a battle against a large group of Raiders. Fun!