Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Shadow of Steel

Prerequisites: Complete Call to Arms and Reunions
Trigger: Speak to Paladin Danse
Reward: 400 XP

- This quest requires a bit of footwork, and won’t be available right away, regardless of whether or not you join the Brotherhood of Steel. If you complete Call to Arms at any point before completing Reunions, you’ll have to wait until you’ve gotten far enough in the main story; conversely, if you’ve beaten Reunions but not joined the Brotherhood of Steel, you need to finish Call of Arms first. Just… do those quests, ‘kay?

- Once the Prydwen has shown up in the Commonwealth and you’re a member of the Brotherhood, speak to Paladin Danse in the Cambridge Police Station. He’ll take you up to a Vertibird on the roof and fly you to Boston Airport. You can shoot stuff from the Vertibird along the way, if you want, but… be careful, yo.

- Before we do anything else, yes, you can jump off of the Prydwen, and yes, unless you’re wearing Power Armor, you will almost certainly die. You know you want to try it at least once.

- Upon arrival at the Prydwen you’ll be introduced to Lancer Captain Kells. Chat with him, if you like, then check the rear of the Prydwen to find a storage room with goodies in bags and boxes. That done, follow Danse into the Prydwen Command Deck. Here you’ll be introduced to Elder Maxson. Listen to his speech, then speak to Maxson directly. Doing so will open up the Boston Airport as a place where you can construct a settlement, as well as net you a suit of Power Armor.

- Have a quick look around the Prydwen. There are a ton of items to be had in boxes and bags and so forth on every deck, though you need to look around its decks to find everything. A terminal on the lower deck will net your map several updates with new locations, assuming you haven’t found them yourself, and there’s an extensive array of rooms full of Knights down here… though you can’t speak to most of the people yet.

- Look for Danse. He’s on the Prydwen’s Main Deck, standing near a small cafe of sorts. Speak to him and he’ll conclude the mission for you. He’ll also become a companion whom you can bring along on missions, which, given that he’s in freaking Power Armor, makes him a rather formidable ally. Recruiting him will furthermore give you the Tour of Duty quest. It’s short enough that we’ll just get it out of the way here.

Tour of Duty

Reward: 300 XP

This little jaunt is rather quick, and won’t even take you off the Main Deck of the Prydwen. You need to meet the following four people to get it done:
  • First is Knight-Captain Cade. He’s in a side room to the south of where you found Danse, and he’ll ask you a series of medical questions. Once that’s done he’ll be available as a doctor… though for a fee. Lousy cheap-ass Brotherhood. 
  • Second is Proctor Quinlan. He’s in a room right across the hall from Cade. He’s overworked, and will offer you money in exchange for any Technical Documents you may find while wandering the Commonwealth. He’ll also offer you Learning Curve patrol quests after you’ve completed Tour of Duty.
  • Third is Proctor Teagan. He’s in the north of the Prydwen’s Main Deck, sitting behind a desk. He runs the stowage facilities, and will sell you weapons, armour, and mods. Once you’ve completed Tour of Duty you can undertake Feeding the Troops quests for Teagan; these will have you raiding farmers for crops. Bear in mind that you will potentially be raiding your own settlements by doing this, so… be careful. Settlements ‘conquered’ peacefully will no longer belong to you.
  • Last is Proctor Ingram. She’s standing in the Power Armor bay in the north, and walks back and forth among the Power Armor Stations rather restlessly. She’ll point you out to a set of Power Armor, on the left side of the bay. Bear in mind that only one set can be used legally - try to hop in any of the others and you’ll be considered a thief.

Finish talking to everyone and you’ll immediately get a new mission, Show No Mercy.