Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: Reach Diamond City
Trigger: Overhear someone saying the Bobrov Brothers want to speak with you
Reward: 200 Bottlecaps, various drugs, 327 XP

- First suggestion: quicksave often. This quest is buggy. It’s not long, but it’s buggy.

- This quest is a little weird, like many of the quests in Diamond City. In order to trigger it you need to both visit the Dugout Inn, found in the south, and then wander around until someone - probably a security guard - says the Bobrov Brothers are looking for you. They’re the owners of the Inn. I found the appropriate guard in the Stands, not far from the Inn, but the dialogue may pop up elsewhere as well.

- Speak to the brothers behind the counter and they’ll eventually get to the point: they want to give Travis, the guy who runs Diamond City Radio, the confidence to do his job properly. (If you’ve listened to the station you’ve no doubt heard his shaky delivery a hundred times by now.) Follow Vadim into the back of the Inn and he’ll detail the plan: get into a faked bar fight with Travis. Agree and this will happen at 6 pm. (Or the next day, if it’s already after 6 now.)

- Meet Travis by the bar, and make sure to unequip your weapon. He and the two thugs will walk in at the same time. Interject yourself, talk to the thugs, then talk Travis into standing up for himself. Make sure you talk until the fight starts - if you just start swinging, Travis, uh… he might pull a gun and murder the guys. It doesn’t ruin the quest, but… yeah. (Actually, it might. Don’t get the dudes killed. It may trigger a bug that makes a crucial NPC, Scarlett, disappear.) 

Talk to Vadim where you last saw him. Not done yet, apparently. He wants you to set Travis up on a date. Speak to Scarlett, the waitress of the Dugout, and you can convince her (or bribe her) to go talk to him. You’ll find her outside, near the northern scoreboard. Once she does, go back to the Dugout and speak to Yefim. Turns out Vadim has been kidnapped. Talk to Travis in Diamond City Radio to figure out where he’s been taken. He’ll decide they must be at the Beantown Brewery.

Beantown Brewery

Beantown Brewery is located to the south of Sanctuary, a fair clip west of Diamond City, and just outside of Cambridge. Because I’m dumb and thought there wouldn’t be a mission here, I’ve made a different article for the Brewery; you can find it here. The main difference between this mission and the normal one is the fact that the two dudes you beat up will also be here. You can find Vadim in the room with Tower Tom. (If you already cleared the place, it will still be cleared.)

Also, Travis helps. That’s… something. Once the quest is done, in addition to the rewards listed above, Travis will change his tune on the radio, gaining confidence - and losing the shaky, terrible delivery that characterized his DJing up to this point. If you hated him before, Travis should be more tolerable on the radio now. (Though this does seem to take a reload, or at least time, to actually apply to the game. Man is this quest glitchy.)